Things to remember while filing tax returns

Things to remember while filing tax returns

It is that time of the year when only tax-filing is on the top of the mind.

It is that time of the year when only tax-filing is on the top of the mind. Here are some of the points one must keep in mind as the deadline is almost over.

If a person is earning income by way of salary,he/ she has to declare information about employer such as name,address etc while filing his income tax return. In case any tax is deducted at source by employer,then Tax Deduction Account Number (ie TAN) of employer must also be declared in income tax return for getting benefit of TDS. The salaried person can get all the information required for filing returns in ‘Form 16’ issued by his/ her employer.

In case a person is employed with more than one employer,he/ she must declare employer information as well as salary income from all employers earned during the financial year for which IT return is to be filed.

PAN change

The IT department has linked allowability of TDS credit with the TDS return filed by the tax deductor. This basically means,that a person is allowed credit for his tax deducted at source only to the extent of the amount of TDS deducted and declared in TDS return (referring to return for furnishing details of TDS) filed by tax deductor. It is important for a person to provide correct PAN details to his tax deductor as the TDS credit is processed by IT department on the basis of TDS return filed by tax deductor. In case the tax deductor incorporates tax deduction details of return filed against incorrect PAN,the person filing return won’t be allowed credit of tax deducted.

Incorrect date of birth


There have been many cases reported when people file their return online and are not able to open the acknowledgment (ITR-V) because of incorrect password. The password of the ITR-V is the combination of PAN and date of birth,all in lower case.

The password is encrypted by the income-tax department. In case it does not work,one must check the date of birth mentioned on the PAN card and then frame the password as mentioned above. If this still does not work,one should write to the income-tax department at One can also contact Aaykar Sampark Kendra (ASK) on 0124-2438000/ 1800-180-1961.

Incorrect gender

Some cases have been seen where return filer is female and in IT department records,the information is about a male. These return filers receive an intimation to pay more tax after filing their return as there is a difference in tax slab of male and female. In such cases,return filers are advised to correct their gender in income tax record by filing application for PAN correction. Later,they should revert the intimation received by filing the rectification of return.

Residential status

In case the return filer has never worked abroad,his/ her residential status will be ‘resident’. In case s/ he has worked abroad during current or previous financial years,it is advisable to determine his residential status as resident or non-resident based on provisions of Income Tax Act.

Determination and declaration of correct residential status is important for filing IT return,as certain benefits such as additional basic exemption limit to women and senior citizen return filers are available only to resident assesses.

Bank account details

It is advised that you verify and insert correct and valid bank account details,especially in case you are eligible to get refund of excess income tax paid. The income tax department sends refund cheques,based on bank details submitted in your return.

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