‘The Prime Minister can attend to some work after two weeks,most after four,fully active by six’https://indianexpress.com/article/news-archive/web/the-prime-minister-can-attend-to-some-work-after-two-weeks-most-after-four-fully-active-by-six/

‘The Prime Minister can attend to some work after two weeks,most after four,fully active by six’

Five grafts done in 11-hour coronary bypass surgery,say doctors,‘he should be more active now’

After an eleven-hour coronary bypass surgery at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences today — his second in two decades — Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was “stable,conscious and responding well” late tonight,said his team of surgeons and doctors drawn from AIIMS and the Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai.

Doctors conducted five grafts to overcome multiple blockages to Singh’s heart,which included one venous graft and four arterial grafts,each 10-cm long,taken from inside the chest,left hand and left leg.

“We are happy to inform that Honourable Prime Minister has successfully undergone coronary by-pass surgery. He is conscious and responding well. He is very stable after the surgery,” said cardiologist K Srinath Reddy,the Prime Minister’s personal physician.

The Prime Minister will be in Intensive Care for three days and is expected to remain in hospital for seven to eight days. He should be back home within a week,will be able to attend to “some official work” after two weeks,“most of his official duties” after four weeks and be “fully active and functional” by “six weeks or even before,” said Reddy.


The surgery was performed by a team under the guidance of Sampath Kumar,head of AIIMS cardio-thoracic department. The lead surgeon was Rama Kant Panda of the Asian Heart Institute and he was supported by surgeons P K Rath,Milan Ghote and S K Chowdhury. The team included 35 medical and paramedical staff — including 15 who were flown in from Mumbai.

Said Panda: “If he was working so hard when there were some blocks,now we have taken care of five blocks. He should be more active now and we expect him to be more active”.

“The diagnostic angioplasty of the Prime Minister on January 21 revealed blockages and obstructions in coronary arteries that had undergone bypass in 1990. Several alternatives were considered for better and long-term solution. Given the Prime Minister’s diabetic history and his active public life,surgery was found to be a better option by the team of doctors,” said Reddy.

“It was an elective surgery and waiting for the operation could have been inadvisable. We had time to plan as existing drugs had to be withdrawn before the operation. It was for this reason that there was a three-day difference between the coronary angiogram conducted on January 21 and the surgery today,” Reddy said. Doctors said the Prime Minister was “tranquil,calm and composed” before the operation and said “I am ready” before he was taken to the operation theatre at 6.40 am.

“I think one of the reasons the Prime Minister chose to get bypass surgery done at the earliest was that he was ready and wanted to be fully active before elections,” said Sampath Kumar when asked if the PM would be able to campaign for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Doctors said there were no complications during the surgery and they witnessed no “setbacks” at the operation table — the Prime Minister remained stable for the entire duration of the operation. Explaining the 14-hour process,Panda said: “The second bypass always takes long time. While in the first bypass it is easy to reach the heart,it takes a long time to reach the heart in the second bypass. We have to conduct a total of five bypasses and we took care of all of blockages.” Pressed further to explain the time taken,he said: “When we are dealing with a life,we do not look at the clock.”

In fact,Sampath Kumar said that the Prime Minister will not be “restricted” in his activities of public life after recovering from today’s bypass. “After the surgery,the Prime Minister will not be restricted. Hopefully these grafts today will last Prime Minister’s life,” said Sampath Kumar adding,“There is nothing to worry.”

PM told docs,’I am ready’

• Dr Sampath Kumar,head of cardiac surgery,AIIMS: Before he was anesthetised,PM told doctors,‘I am ready’

• Dr Rama Kant Panda,senior cardiologist leading the 11-member team: “He is conscious and very stable. After the grafts,he will be even more active.”

• Dr Panda on the 11-hour surgery: “There was no setback. Redo bypass takes longer. We don’t look at the clock.”

• PM wheeled into OT at 6:40 a.m. on Saturday. Surgery began at 8:45 a.m.,went on till 7:30 p.m.,involved five grafts


• After surgery,PM was moved to ICU at 8:55 p.m. Will spend 7-8 days in AIIMS