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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Men are Back

Move over,boys,because the men are here to show you how it’s done.

Written by JimmyJacob | Published: March 26, 2011 2:35:22 am

Move over,boys,because the men are here to show you how it’s done.

Remember the punchy track to which Matt Damon entered the ring in The Fighter? Remember David Coverdale and his band,who brought out songs like Fool for your loving and Would I lie to you? Well,the big guys are back and,going by their new album,it looks like they don’t intend to give their competition even a quarter.

To bring it down to brass tacks,Whitesnake’s Forevermore unabashedly caters to the ’80s rock audience. The closest it comes to catering to a younger generation is a “swamp remix” of Whipping boy blues,brought through electronically altered vocals and the introduction of croaking sounds,but that’s about it. Count the odd one out,and the album is classic rock to the dot.

The party starts from the get-go with Steal your heart away — to the accompaniment of screaming guitars and an attitude that is romantic yet curiously overbearing. All out of luck,which follows closely in its stead,maintains the same tempo but turns a shade darker.

In Forevermore,Whitesnake does not experiment nor do they try to connect to the disgruntled Generation Y brat. Through it all,they remain true to their old-school methods and come out in shining platinum.

There are breaks when the heavy gives way to the easy-on-the-ear ballads,and the first on the list happens to be Easier said than done,a quaint little number that demands accepting one’s limitations,to the accompaniment of some good old-world lead.

One of these days is for those who know that they have loved,and lost. I know the love is gone,the memories they linger on,and you know exactly what Coverdale is talking about.

Ironically,the only disappointment in the album turns out to be the title track,which features lyrics that are,well,corny. But then,in the larger scheme of things,that’s just a small stumbling block — nothing that could set the album back by more than a few notches. Definitely a must-buy.

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