The Luxe List

Luxury can’t be confined to ideas of value and utility. Instead,it must take from the extremes and surrender to the whimsical. Here is a list of some of the most expensive products in the indian market

Written by Shantanu David | New Delhi | Published: June 17, 2012 2:03:18 am

Luxury can’t be confined to ideas of value and utility. Instead,it must take from the extremes and surrender to the whimsical. Here is a list of some of the most expensive products in the indian market

Most Expensive Memorabilia

A Sachin Tendulkar 100th hundred showcase with bat,pads,shirt,helmet and gloves,identical to the ones he wore when he scored his 100th century,selling for Rs 1.2 crore. A framed jersey signed by the cricketer is available for Rs 1. 6 lakh and signed bats cost Rs 2.8 lakh.

Most Expensive Soap

Uncle Scrooge isn’t the only one bathing in gold anymore. The state-owned Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited introduced Mysore Sandal Millennium,a super-duper premium soap,touted to be the most expensive bar of soap in the country. Each 150 grams bar of soap is priced at Rs 720.

Most Expensive Schools

Education as a business is booming across the country and nowhere is it booming as much as it is in the South. Two schools,Good Shepherd International school (Ooty) and Stonehill International School (Bangalore),charge above Rs 8 lakh per annum for senior school.

Most Expensive Sari

India’s (and hence the world’s) most expensive saree will set you back by Rs 40 lakh. Designed by Chennai Silks using 12 precious stones and metals,the garment is a tribute to Raja Ravi Varma through 11 of his paintings,including the famous Lady Musicians,which are embroidered on the sari.

Most expensive bicycle

At this year’s Auto Expo,bicycle big boys,Firefox,unveiled the Trek Elite 9.9 SSL,which is being marketed as an off-road bike. It’s made using OCLV (optimum compaction,low void) technology,which is used to build space ships. This light-weight (a mere 10 kgs) mechanical marvel costs Rs 4.25 lakh and is available on a per order basis.

Most Expensive Pen

The hand-crafted pen known as La Modernista,with an 18-carat gold nib,is the most expensive pen ever brought to India. Made by Swiss company Caran d’Ache,one of the leading writing instrument manufacturers in the world and retailed by Bangalore-based William Penn,the pen will set you back by Rs 1.35 crore. This one’s definitely not a Parker.

Most Expensive Tie

Everybody’s favourite corporate accessory got a distinctly India twist when design house Satya Paul decided to create the world’s most expensive tie. Studded with 261 diamonds,and embellished with 150 grams of gold,the silk tie was worn by Salman Khan at its launch. The price for this couture cravat? Rs 1 crore. Forget Dabbang,this little twist of cloth is all about Da-Bling.

Most expensive restaurant

September this year will see the launch of the world’s most expensive Indian restaurant at the ultra-luxurious Lebua resort in Dwarka. Still unnamed,the restaurant boasts a menu designed by a group of Michelin-starred chefs and table service,which is choreographed by a hot shot Hollywood producer. While there are no official announcements on pricing yet,sources say a meal per person will cost Rs 20,000.

Most Expensive Stock/share

Better known as Orissa Mineral Development Company,it is India’s most expensive stock,quoting an astounding price of Rs 48,650 per share.

Most Expensive Mobile

India has one of the highest number of mobile-phone users in the world but only a few people can afford to speak on the world’s most expensive phone. Priced at almost Rs 6 lakh,the Vertu Signature comes crafted in a variety of precious metals and boasts a global concierge service,exclusive to Vertu users.

Most Expensive Grocery

Perigord Black Truffles from France,the most expensive edible fungi in the world can be purchased for anywhere between Rs 80,000 and Rs two lakh a kilo. For some reason,the only takers so far have been fine-dine restaurants and five-star hotels. Something tells us this isn’t going to become part of the monthly Indian household ration yet.

Most expensive hotel room

The Presidential Suite of the Raj Palace in Jaipur. It covers an area of 16,000 square feet. It is a four-floor apartment with a private entrance. It has four bedrooms,a huge hall,a lavishly furnished lounge with a bar (where the Maharaja of Jaipur met close friends and dignitaries). The other three floors of the suite are connected through a private gold panelled elevator.

There is a private rooftop terrace with a jacuzzi and swimming pool,state-of-the-art home theatre,and a private spa. Rate: $45,000 (Rs 22.5 lakh) a night.

Most Expensive Shoelaces

People wanting that extra kick in their shoes,would do well to check out Colin Hart’s custom made shoelaces,priced at Rs 1.5 lakh for silver ones and Rs 9.5 lakh for the 24 karat gold ones. Using ancient techniques the metal laces are handmade by Colombian workers and can be shipped to you anywhere in the world,complete with accompanying security who will also lace up your new and improved shoes.

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