The approver

The approver

He told court that TV images of those killed in blasts made him feel guilty....

It was the statement of the approver in the 2003 twin blast case that played a key role in clinching the case for the prosecution. Under oath,the approver — whose name is being withheld to protect his identity — had said in August 2005: “Nine people of which five are Pakistani nationals,at the behest of terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba hatched the conspiracy for the twin blast and Ghatkopar blast,at one of the accused’s house in Dubai.” According to the statement,explosives like RDX was sent to Mumbai by the Pakistani nationals who wanted to take revenge for the atrocities committed on Muslims during the post-Godhra riots.

The approver had returned in October 2003 from Dubai where he was working as a labourer in a private company. He was the first witness to depose before the court.

He had then informed Special Judge A P Bhangale details of how the conspiracy had been hatched in Dubai and executed by the accused. He had also added that the initial plan was to attack Gujarat. But the LeT insisted to carry out the blast in Mumbai,saying it would have larger repercussions as it was the financial capital of the country and also foreign nationals visited the city.

After seeing the horrifying pictures of the dead and injured on television when he was in Dubai,he felt guilty for the offence committed by him and his associates. To repent for the crime,he had returned to India,he had told the court.


In Dubai,he had meet Lashkar operatives Nasir Atif Mulla,Sayyed Mohammed Hanif,Billal,Samiulla,Rehman,Abid,Ashrat Shafique Ahmed Ansari and Naeem.

After prayers at a local mosque in Dubai,clerics who came from Pakistan used to instigate him to take revenge by showing post-Godhra riot CDs on computer and talk about atrocities committed on Muslims in India.

In 2002,Hanif Syed and Nasir Ahmed returned to Mumbai,after getting training in making bombs and using firearms at LeT camps in Pakistan. On August 25,2003,Nasir had called the approver on his mobile phone in Dubai to inform that Hanif,his family members and Ashrat had left in taxis for two different places in Mumbai. Nasir asked him to watch television in the evening for reports. In the evening,after watching the television reports,he with his associates had called up Nasir on his mobile phone to congratulate on the success of the plan and thank Hanif and Ashrat,said the approver. The approver also identified the accused in the court as LeT members and the brain behind the blasts.