Sound Effect

Sound Effect

Songs like Do Not Look Down,Marrow and Swarm are layered and utilise several different tunings and riff effects.



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Rating: ****

Metal lovers have reason to bang their heads in joy as Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah have released their seventh album,Koloss. Vocalist Jens Kidman,guitarists Frederik Thorendal and Mårten Hagström,bassist Dick Lövgren and drummer Thomas Haake manage to make this 54 minute,10 track album a seamless segue of multi-layered,hypnotic heavy metal music.

Known as the mathematicians of metal,the band’s songs are constructed with scientific precision,each instrument playing off the other in bewilderingly complex melodies. Haake,who is also the lyricist of most of the songs in this album,wreaks havoc on the taut skins and metal cymbals of his drum-set,drumming out an excruciatingly tight line,his lyrics dripping with raw power and malice. Kidman’s voice sounds almost too harsh to be human,yet remain clearly intelligible. Thorendal,one of the main proponents of the ‘djent’ chord,and a virtuoso on his eight-string “special defects” guitar,is magnificent,his fingers waltzing across the fretboard. His solo composition,The Demon’s Name is Surveillance,is possibly the fastest track on the album,every chord and word delivered at a frenetic pace. Lövgren plays the steward,his echoing bass line building the foundation for each song.

The first song I am Colossus allows Meshuggah to flex its musical muscle while continuing to obliterate their competition through their innovative sound. Songs like Do Not Look Down,Marrow and Swarm are layered and utilise several different tunings and riff effects. However,this album really belongs to Hagström,who is behind the album’s music and some of its lyrics. His solo compositions employ a much cleaner sound,focusing on the range of the instruments and Kidman’s voice,rather than relying on the manipulations of sound engineers. One of our favourite tracks (also the first to be released online by the band),Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion,is a fair representations of the band members’ individual talents. With this album,Meshuggah shows why they’re one of the most formidable names in the heavy metal genre.