Some of world’s biggest bank heists in history

Criminals working in cells around the world stole $45 mn in Dec and Feb by hacking into a database of prepaid debit cards.

Written by Associated Press | Published: May 10, 2013 2:15:35 pm

Criminals working in cells around the world stole $45 million in December and February by hacking into a database of prepaid debit cards and making withdrawals from ATMs,U.S. prosecutors said Thursday,making for one of the biggest bank thefts in history. Some other notable heists in recent years:

_ 2006,London: Thieves take the equivalent of $92 million from a cash depot.

_ 2005,Fortaleza,Brazil: Thieves take $70 million from Central Bank over a weekend.

_ 2004,Belfast,Northern Ireland: Irish Republican Army holds families of bank employees hostage and steals $50 million.

_ 2003,Iraq: $900 million in U.S. bills and as much as $100 million worth of euros is taken from Iraq Central Bank in thefts blamed on members of Saddam Hussein’s family.

_ 1992,Toulon,France: Robbers strap a bank security guard with dynamite and lead him to the Bank of France,where safes are emptied of $30 million.

_ 1987,London: $65 million is stolen from Knightsbridge Safe Deposit Center.

_ 1984,Rome: $21.8 million is stolen from Brink’s Securmark.

_ 1983,London: Gold worth $37.5 million is stolen from a warehouse.

_ 1983,North Miami,Florida: Two masked gunmen steal gold worth as much as $11 million from a smelting firm.

_ 1983,London: A gang makes off with $10.5 million in bank notes from Security Express.

_ 1983,London: Nine certificates of deposit worth $15 million are stolen from the Bank of Sepah-Iran.

_ 1982,South Africa: Thieves steal $13 million in precious metals from Rustenburg Platinum Holdings Ltd.

_ 1982,New York City: Two men break into the Sentry Armored Car Courier Co. office and take $11 million.

_ 1978,New York City: $5.8 million in cash is stolen from a Lufthansa Airlines vault at Kennedy Airport.

_ 1976,Beirut: Robbers take $20 million to $50 million from safe deposit boxes at the British Bank of the Middle East.

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