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‘Slowdown hurting developing countries’

Among other ills of globalisation working class is bearing the brunt of this recession.

Economic slowdown is affecting developing countries the most even as loss of employment due to it has become a global phenomenon now,Noriyuki Suzuki of International Trade Union Confederation said here.

Among other ills of globalisation working class is bearing the brunt of this recession. In spite of tall claims millions of jobs are disappearing globally and the developing world is suffering the most,” said the general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (Asia and Pacific).

He was speaking on the sidelines of the 88th General Council meeting of the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) here.

Suzuki is the special guest at the two-day convention,concluding today,where issues concerning labour welfare are being deliberated.


Over 500 million workers are in penury worldwide. The number of unemployed has reached an alarming proportion and every day more and more people are losing jobs,he said.

Suzuki said India and China have put an “impressive performance” despite slump in economy.

“Your country,along with China,is emerging as world economic power registering impressive growth rates even during the times of global slowdown. While we should be rightly rejoicing at this,we have to think whether this growth has accompanied by employment generation. Growth without employment creation and decent work for all has no meaning,” Suzuki told the gathering.

Suzuki said around 92 per cent of Indian workers are engaged in informal sectors. “Indian working class is predominantly engaged in informal economy. We have to think about them. We have to think about their precarious working and living conditions,” he added.