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Monday, July 23, 2018

Short course: Early menopause linked to fracture risk

Early menopause linked to fracture risk

Written by Agencies | Published: April 28, 2012 3:06:59 am

Early menopause linked to fracture risk

NEW YORK: Women who reach menopause early are at significantly greater risk for osteoporosis and bone fracture later in life,a Swedish study has found. Researchers recruited 390 48-year-old women in 1977 and followed them for more than 34 years,evaluating their bone health. For this study,198 of the women were still available.

After controlling for age,body mass index,smoking,calcium intake and other factors,the scientists found that compared with other women,those who reached menopause before age 48 had an 80 per cent increased risk of osteoporosis,a 68 per cent increased risk of bone fracture,and a 60 percent increased risk of death. The results appear online in the journal BJOG. The reasons for the findings are unclear,but the authors say it may be that hormonal changes of menopause lead to a reduction in bone mineral density.

High salt intake tied to higher stroke risk

NEW YORK: Older adults with salty diets may have an increased risk of suffering a stroke,a new study suggests. The new findings strengthen the case for heavy salt intake as a stroke risk factor,according to Dr Francesco P Cappuccio,of the University of Warwick in the UK,who wrote an editorial published with the study in the journal Stroke. Researchers found that of close to 2,700 older,mostly minority adults,those who got well above the recommended sodium intake were nearly three times as likely to suffer a stroke over 10 years as people whose intake was within limits.

It is well-known that as people’s sodium intake goes up,their blood pressure is likely to increase as well. It is unclear whether a salty diet may ultimately mean higher risks of heart attack and stroke down the road. Unlike blood pressure,which changes quickly,stroke and heart disease are long-range complications.

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