Samsung launches Galaxy S-III in European mkt

Samsung launches Galaxy S-III in European mkt

Samsung launches its much-awaited Galaxy S-III smartphone in the European market.

Mobile phone maker Samsung today launched its much-awaited Galaxy S-III smartphone in the European market as the Korean giant looks to maintain its leadership in the global market.

The smartphone,pegged as a competitor to Apple’s iPhone,has been launched in 28 European countries including Germany and Britain.

The latest Samsung mobile will be launched in India on May 31. It is powered by Android operating system 4.0 and is touted as a strong competitor to the yet-to be launched iPhone 5 (expected to be launched later this year).

Samsung recently dethroned long-time leader Nokia,snatching the numero uno position from the Finnish company in the first quarter of 2012 with 86.6 million units shipment,as per research firm Gartner.


It also outshone Apple with sales of 38 million units worldwide,the research firm had said.

Samsung Galaxy S-III comes with a 4.8-inch screen,bigger than its highly successful predecessor Galaxy S-II.

According to reports,the new smartphone had recorded the highest pre bookings orders to the tune of nine million after it was unveiled earlier this month in London.

The phone packs a bunch of interesting features like ‘Smart stay’,in which the device recognises when you are looking at the phone and maintains a bright display for continued viewing pleasure.

The Galaxy S III also introduces ‘Pop up play’ feature,

which allows user to watch HD videos on the phone while sending an email or text simultaneously.

The phone also boasts of an eight-megapixel camera along with a zero-lag shutter speed,which allows users capture moving objects without delay.

The phone also comes with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Additionally,Samsung Galaxy S III features ‘Game Hub’ and ‘Video Hub’,which provide users access to various social games and high quality TV and movies,respectively.