Salaried forces can’t defeat us,say Naxals

At one such gathering,CPI(Maoists) secretary of Keralapal area committee Akash alias Madkam Bhima told The Indian Express that ‘their victory was certain’.

Written by Ashutosh Bhardwaj | Dandakaranya | Published: July 30, 2012 12:55:27 am

As they observed ‘Martyrs’ Day’ on July 28,the Maoists declared that “an armed revolution was inevitable as a salaried army can never take on a determined army that draws strength from ideology”.

Starting their week-long programme to ‘honour’ those killed in encounters with security forces,Maoists in the Bastar region of Dandakaranya asked villagers to pay homage at stupas (memorials).

At one such gathering,CPI(Maoists) secretary of Keralapal area committee Akash alias Madkam Bhima told The Indian Express that ‘their victory was certain’. “Police,CRPF ki sena vetan ki sena hai. Vetan ki sena dhrid sankalp aur siddhant ki sena ka kabhi muqabla nahi kar sakti. Ye sena rui ki tarah hai,sirf jagah gherti hai,is mein wazan nahi hota. Hawa se ud jati hai. Siddhant ki sena Himalaya ko bhi hila sakti hai (The police,the CRPF are salaried army. They can never fight the army that derives strength from ideology and conviction. These forces are like cotton bales; they occupy space but have no weight and the wind blows them away. The army of ideology can move even the Himalayas,” he said.

Asked how can a handful of guerrillas with minor weapons defeat the security forces,he said,“We will kill them with their own weapons.” At the same time,he said that they do not “loot weapons as the government says”. “We fight and kill them,and then take away their weapons…Armed revolution is certain…You cannot fight this government,it can only be eliminated…After India,we will move to neighbouring countries and then everywhere. There are Communist parties everywhere.” Asked if CPI(Maoists) has links with parties in Nepal and China,he said: “This is a top secret.” While he’s certain that the tribals would be their foot soldiers in this battle,he welcomed even the “bourgeois and policemen to change their direction and join the party”.

Nearby,a group of Maoists asked villagers to raise their right elbow and say ‘Comrade Charu Mazumdar amar rahen,Comrade Kishanji amar rahen’. Men and women,young and old,followed orders. The collective sound produced,however,barely resembled the required words. Sky overcast,they held umbrellas; the elbow movement,hence,was not in sync. Rebels demonstrated the elbow act,and asked them to repeat words,loud and clear. The tribals failed yet again. The Maoists then asked children to write in Gondi the names of their prominent deceased comrades. Children struggled as they pronounced the names,hitherto alien to them.

“Our first task is to awaken them. They have been suppressed for centuries. The police kill them,rape their women…” he said.

Slamming tribals politicians,Akash,who is in his mid-20s,said,“There are several tribal legislators in Parliament and Assemblies. How many times do they take up tribal issues?… Elections will not solve their issues.”

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