Resolutely Metal

Resolutely Metal

Lamb of God’s seventh studio album,Resolution makes growling melodic

* Resolution

* Lamb of god

* Epic records

* Rs 375

* Rating: ****1/2

The boys from Lamb of God are back,and with a vengeance. In Resolution,Randy Blythe’s growling vocals unleash the band’s brutal energy. John Campbell on bass guitar provides the backdrop for Mark Morton’s and Willie Adler’s (lead and rhythm guitars) frenetic playing and Chris Adler’s flawless precision drumming.

The album’s first track Straight for the sun jumps down your throat. The song begins with Blythe’s growl at its best,layered with heavy guitar riffs and a thumping bass. Chris Adler restrains himself providing a measured drum beat till the last few seconds where he beats the vellum skin into a crescendo,leading to the next track,Desolation. This song is much faster,with Morton and Willie playing off each other effortlessly. Chris’s meticulous drumming balances the guitars even as Blythe pours his rage into our eardrums.

Ghost walking begins with Morton playing a very bluesy riff,which quickly fades into a power packed track showcasing the band’s traditional heavy yet melodic style,which also flows into the next track Guilty. Blythe’s lyrics and voice and the musicians’ skills go together like cheddar cheese and apple pie,extremely palatable for those who can bear it.


The undertow is one of the jewels of the album. It is pure head-banging music but is constructed into a melody instead of a cacophony,which so many heavy metal songs unfortunately become. The number six is another powerful track with Blythe reciting as well as growling,which he continues to do in later songs.

Barbarosa is a breather,providing a quiet moment of reflection in the album,a purely instrumental piece and the perfect opening for the next two tracks,Invictus and Cheated,which show off the band’s proficiency in both speed and thrash metal. Insurrection is highly experimental,it demonstrates the band’s versatility and their willingness to go out of their comfort zone. Terminally unique and Visitation stick to the band’s heavy metal roots,whereas To the end has definite influences of glam rock,and sounds like the the band decided to enjoy themselves. King me can only be described as a metal ballad,with Blythe’s brooding voice periodically breaking into harsh grunts,which are nigh shrieks. The music is a roller-coaster with sudden elevations and drops,somewhere between opera and black metal,which leaves you waiting for their next release.