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Rajnath plays Churchill: ‘toil for our finest hour’

BJP president Rajnath Singh Saturday asked party workers not to lose hope.

Drawing parallels between the BJP’s defeat in Uttarakhand,Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka and the Allied forces’ setbacks at the hands of German forces in World War II,BJP president Rajnath Singh Saturday asked party workers not to lose hope. He invoked Winston Churchill’s famous quote to exhort them to work harder to emerge victorious in the Lok Sabha polls— and make it BJP’s “finest hour”.

“I would like to assure the BJP workers today that though we might have lost in Himachal Pradesh,Uttarakhand,and Karnataka due to certain circumstances,we are committed to emerge as the ultimate victors. The BJP has to win this war in such a way that when India’s history is written,Winston Churchill’s quote stands true for us as well: ‘This was their finest hour’,” Singh said in his speech,inaugurating the party’s National Executive. “I would like to exhort the BJP cadres to strive for decisive victory in the next elections.”

Rajnath laid out the broad contours of what could be BJP’s promises to the electorate for next elections.

He expressed BJP’s disagreement with Left-leaning welfarist approach of the Congress and sought to promise A B Vajpayee’s approach with emphasis on infrastructure,incentivising producers and investments while deploring the “doles-based populist” approach of the Congress.


“If we are given a chance to rule for at least 10 years,we will make so much difference that the need for any populist measure like Bharat Nirmaan or Food Security Bill will be reduced to a naught,” Singh said. “You had a glimpse of that during the NDA regime led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee

He deplored NREGA kind of job creation and promised creating environment for productive job creation. “Prosperity and happiness are not mere words for the BJP but a combination of factors which include regular jobs for millions of unemployed youth,regular income,self-respect and a deep sense of satisfaction in the people of the country,” he said. “If the BJP is voted to power,we will once again invest in big infrastructure projects like the Vajpayee government and provide the economy a much needed boost and also create the right environment for job creation.”

But to shed the impression that BJP’s governance model could be only pro-big industries,he promised a modified version of Narendra Modi’s model of inclusive governance. “If voted to power,our motto will be: Khushali main haq ho sabka,pichda rahe na koi tabka (Let everyone be a part of progress,with none being left behind),” he said,in what could be a modification of Modi’s electoral promise of “Sabka saath,Sabka vikas” .