Protect your walls this monsoon

Protect your walls this monsoon

To prevent moisture from giving a drab and shabby look to your walls,make sure that the exterior wall is painted at the right time of the year,and correctly

The monsoon season experienced every year inevitably damages the exteriors and interiors of houses and apartments leaving the walls drab and shabby to the consternation of home owners.

The Problem

The primary reason for interior wall damage is the inferior quality paint used on the exterior of the property.

Concrete is porous in nature and allows water and moisture to seep in,which ultimately gets collected within a wall.

This leads to a build up and creates damp patches along the interior wall surface. Further,the wall paint may start to peel or develop blisters.


This water or moisture collected within the walls remains present for a while after the monsoon season is over. This is why,walls repainted in the supposedly dry season are still prone to damage.

The Solution

Home owners would need to keep several points in mind regarding the protection of the interior walls during the monsoon.

The choice of exterior paint is crucial as it protects the external wall by preventing rain water and moisture from entering the concrete.

All exterior painting should be done several months prior to the monsoon. Ideally,it is best that all the exterior painting work be completed in the dry months especially between February and April.

No exterior painting work should be done when it is raining. There are several housing societies where this takes place close to the monsoon season. Even interior painting will be futile especially where the exterior is not painted in the correct manner.

This is because,the moisture already present within a wall will damage the new paint work. Any interior painting work should be undertaken few months after the monsoon season is over. The reason being that enough time should be given for all internal moisture to dry off. Before undertaking any interior painting work,home owners should have their painters use a moisture meter,which scans wall surfaces to detect if there is any moisture left behind.

The colour of the walls accentuates the look of a house. A few small precautions can help retain that look for several years.

—The author is Sales Director,Decorative Paints,Jotun India