‘Pradhan Mantriji,Vajpayee said Modi following raj dharma’

Narendra Modi claimed Vajpayee had said he was following raj dharma.

Written by D K Singh | Gwalior | Published: November 22, 2013 12:36:00 am

As the Congress targeted him for A B Vajpayee’s advice to follow raj dharma during the 2002 riots,Narendra Modi claimed Vajpayee had said he was following raj dharma.

“Pradhan Mantriji,Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji’s video is on YouTube. Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji had told Narendra Modi raj dharma should be followed and immediately added Modiji is following raj dharma,” Modi said at a rally in Gwalior Thursday. “Pradhan Mantriji,you should also update yourself. Vajpayeeji taught us raj dharma,that is why BJP governments are earning praise.”

Rebutting the PM’s remark that BJP leaders are not using decent language,he said,“Pradhan Mantriji,who are you talking about? Since you are not able to speak in your party,you are speaking outside. Who insulted the dignity of the post of prime minister? When you were in America,your young leader came and said it is all nonsense. He tore up the cabinet paper…”

While Modi centred his 35-minute speech around the achievements of the MP government — with just one reference to development in Gujarat — he singled out “Shehzada” for attack besides the prime minister.

“Our economist PM is also chairman of the Planning Commission. The commission says if a five-member family earns Rs 26 a day,they are rich,not poor. How can people living in palaces know how the poor live? And Shehzada says poverty is nothing; poverty is a state of mind. Can you trust these people?…

“You say what Atalji told Modi. I ask what your party vice-president told you. We cannot raise our head in front of the world…Nobody challenged the family but a chai wallah.”

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