While SRK cheered for the big IPL win of his team KKR,his blue jeans cheered for his black underwear.

Written by Shefalee Vasudev | New Delhi | Published: May 28, 2012 4:44:28 pm

At a time when underwear as outerwear is an engaging trend in fashion and style lessons are dispensed on how to make fuschia pink bras peeping out from white tops look elegant,SRK looks like a Romeo with his jeans slipping crudely down. While he cheered for the big IPL win of his team Kolkata Knight Riders,his blue jeans (two sizes too big) cheered for his black underwear. Ugh. So what,don’t things like these happen,you may snort.

Here is my response. 1. This is not a Freudian slip,it is a jeanetic slip. There are solutions to such issues. One of them is called a belt.

2. SRK has always claimed he doesn’t understand fashion at all. That,he is a just a white shirt and blue jeans guy. Reportedly,the star owns more than a 1,000 pairs of jeans. Guess,he needs to throw quite a few out or just keep them aside for tubbier days. Go to the trial room man,they do fittings there.

3. He is our biggest star,Badshah of Bollywood and such. Naturally,we expect him to shine not slip. Now think of Daniel Craig,Brad Pitt,Leonardo Di Caprio,Tom Cruise — will you ever see them in such a state of (un)dress?

Thumbs down SRK. Next time you wear a pair of badly fitting jeans and can’t control your cheer (or anger),try an electric blue thong. It may get you more favourable attention.

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