Pandya suspect,not witness

Pandya suspect,not witness

On the other hand,the SIT has picked out excerpts from the tribunal report implicating Pandya in the riots.

The SIT has dismissed late minister Haren Pandya’s May 13,2002,testimony before the Concerned Citizens Tribunal,which itself had dismissed his deposition. On the other hand,the SIT has picked out excerpts from the tribunal report implicating Pandya in the riots.

Pandya was murdered in 2003. He reportedly alleged that Narendra Modi had instructed officials not to take action against Hindu rioters. Tribunal members P B Sawant and Hosbet Suresh,retired judges,told the SIT that his deposition had not been recorded.

The SIT concluded in the preliminary report of 2010: “In view of the version of all senior officials of the home and police departments,the testimony of late Haren Pandya before the tribunal becomes unreliable.”

The SIT probed IPS officer R B Sreekumar’s entry about a supposed secret inquiry on the minister. This is backed up by the testimony of then DSP (intelligence) S M Pathak. The SIT final report says,“Pathak has also confirmed having conducted secret inquiries,which revealed that Pandya had deposed before them and that this fact was reported to R B Sreekumar orally.”


On Pandya’s alleged complicity in the riots,one excerpt taken by the SIT final report from the tribunal’s report says,“Three eyewitnesses,who deposed before the tribunal,saw Pandya setting fire to Apna Bazaar Medical. ‘Let us burn these Muslims’,he was shouting,after he had burnt it down himself… Just outside Ellisbridge police station,Pandya was overheard telling the PI,even as Hotel Ellis was aflame,‘This community does nothing’.” Another excerpt is “Eyewitnesses testified to seeing Pandya leading mobs who committed arson.”

The SIT probed the call records of Pandya’s number (9825039852) which showed he was in Ahmedabad till 10.46am on February 27,2002. The SIT final report says,“His location at Ahmedabad city again comes at 4:24:24pm and thereafter he remained in the city till 10:52:07pm,and this would conclusively establish that Pandya did not attend the meeting that took place at the CM’s residence at about 11pm.”