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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Old Times’ Sake

The story of OneRepublic is more or less,like a late-’90s high school drama.

Written by Prajakta Hebbar | Published: April 13, 2013 12:38:19 am

The story of OneRepublic is more or less,like a late-’90s high school drama. Two guys befriend each other during their senior year and get to know each other. During a drive home one day,they talk about their favourite musicians like U2,Peter Gabriel and Fiona Apple among others,and decide to put together a band. They enlist a few musical friends and start playing at local gigs. High school ends,and the band-mates part ways,each attending a different college. Fast forward six years,and you get a reunion act,where the old friends meet again,sign up with a major record company,and the rest,says the not-so-subtle background score,is history.

The American rock band OneRepublic from Colorado Springs,Colorado,that consists of Ryan Tedder as singer and songwriter,Zach Filkins as the lead guitarist,and rhythm guitarist Drew Brown,drummer Eddie Fisher,and Brent Kutzle on bass and cello has seen everything from fame,success and friendships together. We have to admit that our attention was first caught by the band because of their hit single Apologize. The song,which was popularised by several sitcoms and movie soundtracks,received the largest amount of airplay in history with more than 10,000 plays in one week,the record only being broken by Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis,a song Tedder co-wrote.

Now two albums and countless hits later,OneRepublic is back with their third studio album Native. With their trademark alternative rock and catchy pop vibes,OneRepublic has stuck to their forte,while cautiously expanding their range.

Tedder,who has written and produced singles for the biggest pop stars such as Adele,Maroon 5,Kelly Clarkson and Beyoncé among others,fits in his star appeal with a variety of smoothly executed instruments ranging from acoustic guitar to drums. The album begins with Counting stars,an upbeat and dynamic number with a young vibe and catchy lyrics where Tedder croons,‘Lately,I’ve been,I’ve been losing sleep/dreaming about the things we could be/but baby,I’ve been,I’ve been praying hard/said no more counting dollars,we’ll be counting stars.’

The rest of the tracks showcase the band’s versatility,with songs like If I lose myself showcasing a ballad-like smoothness and Feel again having unmistakable gospel influences. While Au revoir is solemn in its outlook with the serious cello and piano accompaniments,Can’t stop is catchy,with an upbeat drum section.

Perhaps,the best way to sum up Native is by judging it by its cover; a melange of animals where each one represents a band member. Frontman Tedder is represented by a fox,Fisher is represented by a mountain lion,Brown is an owl,Kutzle is a gazelle,and Filkins is the bison. Each bring their special talent to the fore in this album and give you soundtracks that become unobtrusive company,blending right in with your lifestyle.

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