Now,India,Pakistan spar over Dawood’s man in Thailand jail

Now,India,Pakistan spar over Dawood’s man in Thailand jail

Mumbai Police team in Bangkok to stall Islamabad bid to get Munna Zingada

A Mumbai Police team is in Bangkok to seek the extradition of alleged Dawood Ibrahim aide Munna Zingada,who led a hit squad that tried to kill gangster Chhota Rajan in Bangkok in 2001.

Zingada has been serving a prison sentence since 2001 in a Bangkok jail for the attack on Rajan in which the latter’s close aide Rohit Verma was killed. He was arrested by the Singapore police and handed over to the Thai Police. His prison term is due to end in a couple of days,the police said.

An “urgent missive” from the Indian Ambassador in Bangkok,warning that Pakistan was trying to secure Zingada’s deportation by claiming him as a citizen,prompted the overnight scramble for extradition by the Mumbai Police,sources said.

“A team of two officers from the Crime Branch flew to Bangkok on Wednesday with a requisition for extradition of Muzakkir Mudassar Hussain Syed alias Munna Zingada. His prison sentence is about to end in Bangkok. The team has gone with all necessary papers such as the details of the NBWs (non-bailable warrants) pending against him in six cases in the city,as well as his school and college records. The team is yet to return,” confirmed Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy.


Sources said on March 5,Anil Wadhwa,Indian Ambassador in Bangkok,sent an urgent missive to the Ministry of External Affairs urging that the Mumbai Police immediately press for Zingada’s extradition. Wadhwa is said to have written that Pakistan had produced bogus documents claiming that Zingada was actually a Pakistani national named Mohammed Saleem,and that he should be deported to Pakistan on completion of his sentence.

Thai authorities had conveyed that they would have “no alternative but to transfer the fugitive to Pakistan”,Wadhwa wrote. He also urged that the Thai ambassador in New Delhi be summoned by the MEA and informed of India’s claim on the fugitive.

Police Inspectors Shalini Sharma and Sudhir Dalvi were immediately flown to the capital to get the extradition request approved. On their return on Wednesday morning to the city,they flew to Bangkok.

Sources said the primary objective of ensuring that Pakistan’s attempts at securing Zingada were stalled “appeared to have been achieved” by the Mumbai Police team. Zingada is wanted in six cases.