No antidote needed

No antidote needed

Double Dose: Ultimate hits Poison; EMI; $11.88,Rating: *****

Truth be told,glam metal never really managed to catch the fancy of the Indian audience. Not counting your staple Metallica,Maiden and Priest,of course. When the likes of Motley Crue,Poison and Faster Pussycat were kicking leather in the 80s,we were still listening to Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin on imported TDK cassettes. Twenty years later,things had become a little too hotwired,and there was too much live MTV happening for folks to check out what they had missed in the days gone by.

Looking back,the closest a glam metal artiste ever came to achieving any kind of fame (or notoriety,take your pick) in the subcontinent was when a raunchy tape on Pamela Anderson and Poison vocalist Bret Michaels was leaked into the Internet. However,as luck would have it,few cared to look beyond the sultry supermodel.

But sometimes,you don’t really need to know the band to know their music. A case in point is Poison,whose ballads Every rose has its thorn and I won’t forget you have been immortalised on almost every compilation of love songs over the last two decades. If you liked them,here’s news.

The band’s back.

Well,not exactly with a new album,but a two-disc set that captures about 35 songs that helped them make their way to the pinnacle of glam glory. From Unskinny Bop,a song that rose from Michaels’ interest in a stripper,to stand-outs from their 2007 album Poison’d — this one has got it all. And,if that weren’t enough,the list also has some impressive covers,like a metal version of Dr Hook and The Medicine Show’s Cover of the Rolling Stone and the Kiss anthem Rock ‘n’ roll all nite.


While tracks like Nothing but a good time and Talk dirty to me build up the tempo,more sentimental ones such as Lay your body down and Stand give variety to the party.

Other songs,culled from albums like Look what the cat dragged in and Open up and say… Ahh!,include (Flesh and Blood) Sacrifice,Your mama don’t dance,Ride the wind and Cry tough.

Double Dose: Ultimate Hits is the precursor to the band’s 25th anniversary tour (to be kicked off from Dallas on June 7) which will include glam-brothers Motley Crue. It’s wild,it’s punk — and if that’s something you appreciate — this stuff could be something you wouldn’t want an antidote for.