New skill

It’s her mother Manpinder,who lives in Delhi and cannot be with her daughter all the time!

Written by Geety Sahgal | Published: May 4, 2012 3:11:20 pm

Guess what prompted Neha Dhupia to get a Mac and learn how to operate it?

It’s her mother Manpinder,who lives in Delhi and cannot be with her daughter all the time! Her only request to Neha was to mail her all clippings which appeared in newspapers and magazines. But Neha who was not very adept with computers would make some or the other excuse to avoid sending her mails. “I would speak to her about six times on the phone but studiously avoid all this copy and paste business which I don’t like. It is for her sake that I have learnt to operate the computer skillfully and she’s really happy now.”

Bringing up baby

It’s not only the mention of his new show Satyamev Jayate that has Aamir Khan smiling. Ask him about his four-month-old son Azad Rao Khan and his eyes twinkle as he proudly admits that he’s a complete hands-on dad! “I love to be with him every moment I am home,in fact he was there on my lap through all the meetings I had for my show,” says the proud papa.

He sheepishly confesses that even if he reaches home at two in the morning he wants to hug him! “Of course I have to contend with Kiran and we have a 15 minute argument before she allows me to wake him from his sleep,but finally she relents.”

The better half

It’s not without reason that Vivek Oberoi is obsessed with his wife Priyanka. While we were chatting with him the other day,Vivek disclosed that she is the perfect partner taking care of all the minutest details,like whether he has had a proper meal on time no matter what time of the day he leaves for his shootings. Vivek recalls fondly,“For Jayanta Bhai at times,when I had to leave at five in the morning,I would try not to disturb her. But she would be up before me and have a hot breakfast ready,making sure we shared some time before I left for work.”

Beauty secrets for the summer

With the temperatures hovering around 40 degrees,the stars are also zooming into the summer mode. Just the other day,Lara Dutta who launched Nivea Sun,a sun screen especially designed for summer,revealed her secrets of tackling the oppressive heat. “Handling the summer is a complete package for me. I make special efforts to get fitter as there’s more skin show. I go easier on cosmetics because that’s better for the skin,and definitely up my deodorant consumption.”

The actress who joined the clan of young Bollywood mothers, looked glowing in a yellow dress,is very particular about her hair too. “I generally tie it up but the summer sun can leave it dry and frizzy. So I avoid using hair dryers and use moisturising shampoos to contain the frizziness.”

The avid newsreader

No one will deny that Amitabh Bachchan is well-informed on almost every subject under the sun. Well,the secret is that the star keeps himself updated with what’s happening around the world by subscribing to all the newspapers possible. About 30-40 are delivered to the Bachchan household every day! “Dad makes sure that he reads as many papers as possible and on an easy day all of them,” revealed Abhishek Bachchan in an earlier interview.

As for himself, junior who is a savvy businessman,overseeing AB Corps prefers to browse through business related papers like The Economic Times and Financial Express!

Blinking bright

If you felt you needed glares every time Chunky Pandey appeared on screen in flashy shades of yellow,red,purple and green in Housefull 2,blame it on director Sajid Khan. “Yes,that’s entirely Sajid’s concept. He not only designed my character but my clothes too. His brief was,“When you come on screen,the audience should reach out for their sun glasses.” And now I am so used to the bright colours that I have requested Sajid to give Aakhri Pasta’s clothes to me,” chuckles Chunky,who is very pleased because it was Sajid who designed his costumes.

“If you read the credits you will see Costume Designer Aki Narula,and in brackets it’s written (except Chunkey Pandey).” Not jokiiing!

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