New Delhi sees immigration plot

New Delhi sees immigration plot

India has demanded all charges against the dioplomat be dropped.

India is seeing a conspiracy in the manner in which Sangeeta Richard’s family — her husband and two children — left for New York on December 10,three days before diplomat Devyani Khobragade was arrested. The Indian view is that the case against the diplomat was part of an illegal immigration plan by the domestic help.

The Ministry of External Affairs is also upset that despite several communications from New Delhi since the start of the year to the US State Department,warning that the case against the diplomat was part of a immigration conspiracy,no response came from Washington and in addition,visas were granted to her husband and children.

The MEA is also learnt to be taken aback by the fact that this is the first time the US government has made out a case against an Indian diplomat. Earlier such cases by domestic helps had been filed with assistance from NGOs.

It is believed the MEA found out on Wednesday that the Richard family had been granted visas by Washington and left three days before the arrest. The Indian side is also upset that two cases it tried to file after Sangeeta disappeared in New York — a missing persons report,a case of extortion after Sangeeta’s lawyers called up with demands — were not formally taken up by US authorities.


India has demanded all charges against the dioplomat be dropped as a case on the same grounds is already going on in Indian courts.

New Delhi has also said the withdrawal of certain privileges to US diplomats should not be seen as revenge. “The removal of the barricades on Nyay Marg had been planned more than a month ago. This was done because of repeated requests that the parking area outside our embassy in Washington,which had been a designated diplomatic parking zone,should be re-allotted. There were no responses from the State Department,we have also removed the privileges given to the US embassy here,” a source said.