NC will never be part of NDA: Omar Abdullah

NC will never be part of NDA: Omar Abdullah

Omar does not see a situation in which NC would enter into 'any sort of alliance' with BJP in the future.

The National Conference will never be part of NDA,party’s working president and Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said here on Sunday.

Omar does not see a situation in which NC,which has three Lok Sabha MPs and two Rajya Sabha MPs,would enter into “any sort of alliance” with the BJP in the future. The CM told PTI that his party has only two options — the UPA and “in the past we have been a part of a United Front dispensation which is a sort of coming together of regional parties”. The NDA was not an option,he added. “The answer is never,” said Omar,who was a minister of state in the Vajpayee government,when asked whether NC will be part of NDA in the future.

Asked about the NC’s previous alliance with the BJP in the NDA,Omar said,“NC’s relationship was not a relationship between the BJP and NC. It was largely between NC and Atal Bihari Vajpayee because he was seen as a unifying force who brought people together,who put aside regional issues in national interest,who actually looked at problems of the state and sought to resolve them.”

He mentioned that the railway line connecting Kashmir to rest of the country was a vision of Indira Gandhi which was fulfilled by Vajpayee when he declared the railway project as a national project of utmost importance. “I don’t see a situation particularly in the current leadership in the BJP and looking at the future leadership of the BJP that the NC will enter into any sort of alliance with them,” he said. Asked whether NC would be a part of third front,he said,“No,we are very much part of the UPA and we are not sort of uncertain partners of the UPA. We are not like the Samajwadi or the BSP that are part of the UPA but not part of the UPA that come for one anniversary dinner and don’t come for the second anniversary dinner.