Narendra Modi’s fresh salvo: ‘Cong hides behind burqa of secularism’

Narendra Modi’s fresh salvo: ‘Cong hides behind burqa of secularism’

The Gujarat Chief Minister said that the Congress had failed to deliver on its promise to eradicate poverty,made 35 years ago.

Amid the controversy over his remarks on the 2002 riots,Gujarat Chief Minister launched a counter-offensive Sunday,accusing the Congress of hiding behind a “burqa of secularism”,and attacking Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the falling rupee. Also Read: Yes,I am a Hindu nationalist,says Modi

“Whenever the Congress faces a crisis — whether it is corruption,inflation,directives from the Supreme Court or the rape of a young girl — it wears the burqa of secularism and hides in a bunker instead of coming forward and answering the people,” said Modi,addressing a public rally here. He added that the Congress had failed to deliver on its promise to eradicate poverty,made 35 years ago. Express Editorial: BJP’s moment of transitions

Targeting the PM,Modi said the “noted economist has failed to curb the unprecedented fall of the rupee which is descending to new depths everyday”,adding,“Kya karen Congress ki vichardhara hi aisi hai ke acche se accha artha-shastri bhi anarth-shastri ban jaata hai (The ideology of Congress is such that even the best of economists fail).”

Stating that the currency of poorer countries like Pakistan,Nepal,Sri Lanka,Maldives was steady,Modi said,“With a 125-crore population,a great purchasing power and an economist for a PM,how can such a thing happen? It’s because those sitting in Delhi are so busy eating and looting that they are not bothered about the rupee.”


Attacking the Centre on the food security ordinance,Modi said: “People are not getting two square meals a day. So,they have brought a law,irrespective of whether it is possible or not to give food to poor… to give the people a piece of paper containing a law that they will get food as a matter of right.” He claimed that the Congress brought the ordinance instead of waiting for a parliament session as it did not trust its allies.

While he avoided speaking on the controversy over his recent remarks on the riots,Modi also launched a veiled attack on Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. “Now they seem convinced that they can eradicate the poverty. So their prince visits the house of the poor as if it is a monument. He shows it off as an achievement of his ancestors whose policies have perpetuated the poverty,” he said.

“Scores of innocent people are being killed in terror attacks across the country. Is it not the Centre’s responsiblity to protect the citizens? How can it do that when today’s laws only protect terrorists,” said Modi.

“I challenge the government at the Centre to compare NDA’s six years under the leadership of Atal Behari Vajpayee and UPA’s 10 years. Let’s compare the two governments on corruption,inflation,employment,roadways. I am sure the NDA government will emerge much better than the UPA government,” he said.

Earlier in the day,addressing students and faculty at Fergusson College,Modi said that while education was earlier a “man-making mission”,it has now become a “money-making mission”.

“There is a sense of neerasha (despondency) in the country today,” said Modi,adding,“I have not lost hope… I don’t endorse this view. It is essential that we get out of this despondency.”

Modi also chose to attack the Congress on the CWG from the home turf of its MP and disgraced former chairman of Organising Committee Suresh Kalmadi. “Two countries hosted two games…South Korea hosted Olympics and India the Commonwealth Games. While Korea brought honour to itself through the Olympics,our nation lost its honour in the eyes of the world,” he said.

“In 10 years from 2000,China,which did not have even a single university among the top 500 varsities in the world,now has 32,whereas,India which had two,now only has one. Why did this happen? How did China do it? It spent almost 20 per cent of its GDP on education. Our government promised to spend seven per cent but actually spent just four per cent,” said Modi.