Mystery woman part of Boyle’s team,from Bangalore

Mystery woman part of Boyle’s team,from Bangalore

The name is Madhura Nagendra,a post-graduate student from Bangalore.

The name is Madhura Nagendra,a post-graduate student from Bangalore. On Sunday,the mystery woman who was spotted walking alongside flag-bearer Sushil Kumar during the opening ceremony got a name and an identity of sorts.

Reacting to the noise by the Indian camp over the un-accredited,unauthorised,unwanted presence,the Games organising committee chief,Sebastian Coe,hinted that the “opening ceremony episode” was more of an organisational faux pas and not quite a security lapse. “She was a cast member who clearly got slightly over-excited. She shouldn’t have been there. But don’t run away with the idea that she walked in off the street,” he said during a press conference.

A PTI report from Bangalore quoted her father,K Nagendra,as saying that she was “officially selected for giving a dance performance in the inaugural ceremony by show creator Danny Boyle”. He added that “…the London Olympics Organising Committee might also have selected her to ‘take’ the team inside the stadium. This might have hurt our team’s feelings. I feel very sorry for that.”

Nagendra said he was also given passes to watch the show. “I returned yesterday from London and my daughter will reach Bangalore in the next couple of days,” he said.


Meanwhile,Indians have a more pressing problem — their genuine athletes are speedily crashing out on sporting grounds. The gatecrashing girl thence is a ridiculously funny distraction that will evoke interest for the next few days and keep things quiet till sudden realisation dawns and we start the inquisition on the poor first-day performance.

While India’s acting Chef de Mission Brig P K Muralidhara Raja has been repeatedly asked to speak on the matter,boxing coach G K Sandhu too wasn’t spared,having to constantly fend off calls from home regarding the episode. He was quick to say that the boxers weren’t at the ceremony. Minutes after Vijender Singh won his opening fight,the coach was laughing about the incident after being questioned on “that” girl.