My vote goes to – KBC 4

My vote goes to – KBC 4

The questions seem to be simple enough to keep you hooked onto the show as compared to the previous three seasons.

It’s been three weeks since Amitabh Bachchan has been hosting Kaun Banega Crorepati 4 and I must say the show is a refreshing change from the usual trite fare on TV. Undoubtedly,Bachchan is the crowd-puller with his warmth and candour,but even the contestants are equally entertaining. Though most cannot stop gushing about Bachchan and the privilege of being seen with him – understandable as this time the contestants have been chosen from the hinterland – they come across as down-to-earth and knowledgeable. The questions too seem to be simple enough to keep you hooked onto the show as compared to the previous three seasons. Whether the questions are related to politics,sports or science,more often than not you have read about it. Although you may not know the exact answer it has definitely passed through your realm of things and you end up feeling you could have got it right. And yes,you feel that intelligent contestants should earn a sizeable prize money.

And for once,I don’t miss the celebrity special episodes that were a high-point of the earlier seasons. Till the Action Replayy and Golmaal stars came on the show celebs were not participating in the show but were on the sidelines watching the goings-on and interacting as and when Bachchan and the contestants require them. But the show itself is interesting enough,to draw my attention without the frills.

In contrast,Bigg Boss is a huge letdown. I am not expecting to increase my IQ but boss,I do not want to get dragged into the happenings of a bunch of wannabes and has-beens. I wouldn’t just blame it on the contestants,it’s the forced fights over non-issues that are irritating. Dolly Bindra,she of the infamous Raja Choudhary (Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband) slapping incident,entering the Bigg Boss house and stirring a hornet’s nest,Sara Khan’s romance with Ashmit Patel who in turn seems to be fond of Veena Malik,and Sara’s beau Ali Merchant’s impending visit to the house – it’s all a complete no-brainer.

As for MasterChef India,it’s different from the other cookery shows for sure,with contestants under pressure to rustle out delicacies that impress the chefs including host Akshay Kumar. However,since I am not too fond of cooking,this one’s not for me.