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‘My aim,impact foreign policy for deprived women’

Excerpts from an interview Devyani Khobragade gave to The Indian Panorama in April.

Can you tell us a few significant highs of your career?

The most significant one was where I could be a part of the foreign policy that commenced the Srinagar- Muzaffarabad bus service. There have been many highs like this especially when such ideas are considered into foreign policy making. I also had a very good relation with the political class of Pakistan. Even today when he meets our Ambassador,Gilani asks about me. It feels nice to be remembered.

What are your future goals?

The highest point in our careers is the Ambassador’s post. But besides that my ambition is to make some changes within our Civil Services… My other ambition is to have direct impact on a foreign policy for underprivileged women. I would like to work as an advisory capacity in an NGO or be a trustee or a board member to communicate directly with the community.

Can you tell us about your family?

I have two young daughters. They are six and three years old. My husband is a professor of philosophy. It is difficult for him to follow wherever my career takes me. But we work something out.


What is your take on the Indian community in New York?

Perhaps the Indian community in New York is the most successful one anywhere in the world… Now that the Indian community has proven that we are professionally well equipped. I suppose the next logical step is for them to be directly involved in the political system of this country.

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