Muzaffarnagar riots: A munshi has his hands full writing FIRs

Muzaffarnagar riots: A munshi has his hands full writing FIRs

He wrote 177 FIRs in first three days and then lost count as complaints poured in.

At Muzaffarnagar,FIRs are piling up. A total of 177 FIRs pertaining to riots were handwritten in three days at a single station. Over a hundred still remain. Dealing with this deluge of complaints is one man entrusted with the task of going through each complaint and processing it into an FIR.

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He (he did not want to be named) was brought in specifically for rendering complaints into FIRs quickly and effectively. His young son is unwell,but all that was put aside when he was transferred to one of the worst affected police stations in the district. “When I came here,I realized that no work had been done. There were hundreds of complaints,but none had been processed,” he said.

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In the first day,a hundred FIRs were handwritten by him. In the second day,fifty odd were completed.

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“I wrote out 177 FIRs in the first three days,and then I honestly lost count. It must be close to 250 now and complaints keep pouring in,” he said. The station he has been posted is on the outskirts of Muzaffarnagar bordering Shamli district,where violence had claimed 19 lives.

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Thousands made their way to those areas in the city where there was a large Muslim population. Speaking about converting these tragedies into sections of the penal code,he said,“When there’s an attempt to murder,I write out section 307 IPC next to it. But that doesn’t convey the sheer horror of people trying to burn you alive in your own homes,” he said.

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Outside the station,there’s a tea shop,whose only clientele is officers at the police station. There is no other shop,or house in the uninterrupted landscape of lush fields and trees.

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“We have been getting one meal every day,if we are lucky. Otherwise,we’re surviving on tea. This work is extremely important,any delay can be a matter of life and death for someone else,” he said.

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There can be no denying the complexity of this munshi’s work. He has to sieve through complaints filed in different police stations,often by different members of the same family for the same crime.

“Often,I come across odd problems. For instance,a number of people have signed their names in Urdu. In which case,I have to get someone to translate for me,before the FIR can be lodged,” he said.

District admn for court proceedings via video conference

District authorities have requested that court proceedings in the Muzaffarnagar riots case against jailed BJP MLAs Sangeet Som and Suresh Rana be conducted through video conferencing in view of the prevailing law and order situation. Som and Rana have been booked under the National Security Act for alleged involvement in the riots and are in Urai and Banda district jails,respectively. The district authorities have requested the court to allow hearing through video conferencing,a facility available in Banda and Urai jails in view of the prevailing law and order situation,District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma told PTI. Chief Judicial Magistrate K P Singh would decide the proposal of the district authorities here. The hearing is fixed for October 4. BJP MLA Sangeet Som was arrested for alleged involvement in a fake video uploading case and making provocative speeches that played a role in stoking communal tension. Rana was arrested on the charge of allegedly making provocative speeches.

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