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There's a refreshing change on the pop charts.

Written by Express News Service | Published: November 6, 2010 4:12:10 am

Eliza Doolittle

Eliza Doolittle

EMI Records Ltd

Rs 245,rating: ****

There’s a refreshing change on the pop charts. Finally,a girl who can sing about more than just love affairs gone wrong or strange,over-sexed men named Alejandro: Eliza Doolittle.

Born Eliza Sophie Caird,the British singer-songwriter comes from a family of performers – her mother is British actress Frances Rufelle and her father is director John Caird. She certainly has what it takes. Eliza Doolittle,her debut album has a fresh sound: catchy,melodious and very radio-friendly. Unlike Lily Allen,who she’s being compared to,this young singer’s focus is less on the confessional,more on the introspective. For instance,Back to Front,where she sings about the need to keep the child in you alive: “I wouldn’t mind walking backwards with you/ At least we’d always know where we’d be going to/ We could talk till we forget how to talk.” Or Go Home: the opening bars sound vaguely like the Frank and Nancy Sinatra number Something Stupid. But this is a song with more layers. When she sings,“I just want to go home/unlock these handcuffs and let me go”,one wonders – is this a kidnapped child who’s longing to escape? Or a celebrity singing about the trappings of fame? Other songs that stand out are Skinny Genes and Missing,which will remind listeners of old Doris Day numbers.

Dolittle’s no musical genius like Bjork or even a moving singer like Amy Winehouse. But her music is refreshing,even if the tunes sometimes sound like ad jingles.

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