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Boy uninterrupted Justin Bieber My Worlds Universal Rs 295, rating: H

Written by Pooja Pillai | Published: June 12, 2010 10:42:48 pm

Give a child some YouTube video fame and before you know it,you have another Aaron Carter on your hands. In Justin Bieber’s case,the ride to fame has been more of a struggle and also much more of a success. My Worlds is Bieber’s first full-length studio album and with his un-cracked,pre-adolescent voice,he is definitely a stronger performer. He hits the high notes and the tremolos without much of an effort and has proved to be a gold mine for an industry that was struggling to woo one of the largest demographic of music listeners — adolescent girls. The only trouble is what he chooses to sing about. The melodies have no complexities and the lyrics are trite. As for the international hit Baby,which is animating dance floors across the world,it is largely an exercise in inanity,with a chorus that goes Baby baby baby oh/baby baby baby no. The only explanation for Bieber’s popularity seems to be that it’s such a refreshing contrast to yesterday’s teenage obsession: the brooding Twilight series. But hopefully,this too shall pass.

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