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Choreographer Ashley Lobo on the simplicity of Robert Louis “Bob” Fosse’s dance

Choreographer Ashley Lobo on the simplicity of Robert Louis “Bob” Fosse’s dance
American jazz legend Robert Louis “Bob” Fosse’s dancing style has been my biggest inspiration. I first saw him dance when I was about 17. I felt that if he could do it,so could I. Thus I began learning how to dance at 19,even though most professional dancers start at 10. Fosse could connect with people with his dance and he connected with me. He had an amazing understanding of people and relationships.

He was a genius,not just as a dancer but also a choreographer. Though he wasn’t trained,he was one of the most sought-after choreographers and he even taught dance. The best work of his that I’ve seen is All That Jazz (1979),an Academy Award-winning musical that he directed and choreographed. The most remarkable aspect of his choreography was its simplicity. He used to let dance evolve on its own. And yet his style was distinct and unusual,setting him apart from others.
Like him,I try to keep my choreography simple and organic,I let it evolve. My only regret is that I could never meet him. But each time I watch a performance he has choreographed and enjoy it,it’s my tribute to him.

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