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Misplaced Notion

Jaya Bachchan,who recently changed her seat to sit with her Samajwadi Party colleagues in Rajya Sabha,thinks the Home Ministry has all the ministries under its jurisdiction.

Misplaced Notion

Jaya Bachchan,who recently changed her seat to sit with her Samajwadi Party colleagues in Rajya Sabha,thinks the Home Ministry has all the ministries under its jurisdiction. On Wednesday,when Home Minister P Chidambaram was answering questions on fast-tracking trial of rape convicts,Jaya told the Chair that she had asked for information pertaining to rape convicts from the minister but hadn’t got any response. A surprised Chidambaram asked her whether she had asked him for the information,to which Jaya replied that she had asked the Women and Child Development Minister. Chidambaram then said she should ask WCD Minister Krishna Tirath for the information. But Jaya responded — much to the amusement of everybody — “But you are the Home Minister of the country,and all ministries are under you.”


NAJMA Heptullah has company now. Jaswant Singh has joined the ranks of presidential hopefuls from within the BJP camp. The former finance minister called on Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav the other day and sought his support for becoming the next President. Yadav did not give his guest a categorical “no”,saying instead that there was still time and he would decide later.


WHILE Parliament officials were aware of only two surviving members of the first Lok Sabha — Rishang Keishing and Resham Lal Jangade,who were invited for the function to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Parliament,a third surviving MP surfaced on Thursday. After reading in the media about the plan to honour the two surviving members,the son of K S Tilak,who represented Vizianagaram in erstwhile Madras state in the first Lok Sabha,got in touch with the Lok Sabha officials. Immediately,an invitation was extended to Tilak to attend Sunday’s function where he will also be honoured. Tilak,also known as Kandala,was a Socialist.



EVERY person has a distinct way of sizing up things and people. The theory was put to test in the Supreme Court during the Aarushi case hearing. Senior advocate Harish Salve said a khukri cannot be classified as a “light instrument” unless the weapon is nestled in the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Legendary cricketer Clive Lloyd used a bat which weighed three-and-a-half kilograms and found it light,he said. A moment later Justice A K Patnaik said: “My wife thinks I am fat.” The solution,he said,was to change her perspective. “If I stand near someone fatter,she would change her opinion,” said the judge. Besides,he said,a certain “girth” was dignified.


THERE may have been a rather public showdown between the Union Home Ministry and chief ministers on the NCTC issue,but that has not deterred the ministry from reaching out to the states. To strengthen ties with the states’ anti-terror units,the ministry’s National Investigation Agency has invited their chiefs to its headquarters in Delhi on Friday. The aim is to iron out differences and foster a “working relation and cooperation” between the NIA and these ATS units. NIA,during its various investigations of terror-related cases in various states and UTs,has often been stonewalled due to reluctant and uncooperative local units. Coming so close after the NCTC embarrassment,this “cooperation” building exercise by NIA will sure be interesting to watch.

Censor comments of readers: MP in House

Arguing that “abusive,defamatory and filthy” comments appear on the websites of newspapers as readers’ response to news items,Congress MP and newly-appointed Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice Shantaram Naik on Thursday demanded “censoring” of such abusive content.

Stink forces RS adjournment

The Rajya Sabha had to be adjourned for over half-an-hour on Thursday morning after lawmakers complained of a bad odour which they said emanated from gas leakage.

The Question Hour was on and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was present when members complained that “there is some gas smell in the House”. With members suggesting that the House be adjourned,Chairman Hamid Ansari agreed. Some members later said the smell came from the sewage system.