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Mine is Yours

What could have been another untamed record is a damp squib.

Mine is Yours

Cold War Kids


$9.99,rating: **

Cold War Kids. With a name like that,the band,you would rightly expect,will pack some political punch in their albums. However,in their third,Mine is Yours,Cold War Kids seem to be suffering from the fate of many indie rock bands. After capturing our attention in the first two albums with their stand-out sound,they fall for the traps of commercial music production. The band is indeed “changing colours like leaves in the fall”,as the opening song goes. The high-voltage emotions of their 2007 single Hospital Beds,are missing in Mine is Yours. Flying upside down begins blandly and has vague references to “kids who can’t share toys” — so unlike their previous tracks that had tinges of philosophically inspired lyrics. What could have been another untamed record is a damp squib.

The producer Jacquire King may be responsible for smoothening out the frayed edges of the band,which had indeed made them different from the likes of One Republic and Arcade Fire. Don’t give the entire album a miss though — the repetitive guitar plucking is absent in the jazzy Cold toes on the cold floor,which flirts with playful lyrics and a clunky piano. But the angst seems borrowed and the vaguely dispersed “profound” lines lack the punch. Cold War Kids fall short of their own standards in this album.