Maharashtra’s Rs 45K cr outlay OK’d

Maharashtra’s Rs 45K cr outlay OK’d

Planning Commission approved Maha outlay which is 7% higher than size for previous fiscal.

The Planning Commission today approved Rs 45,000 outlay of Maharashtra for 2012-13 which is about 7 per cent higher than Plan size for previous fiscal.

The Plan size was finalised here at a meeting between the Commission’s Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chauhan.

Commenting,on the plan performance of Maharashtra,Ahluwalia said the state has been taking effective measures to accelerate growth and make it more inclusive.

“In addition to the budget,public sector agencies in Maharashtra would spent about Rs 26,000 crore. Taking together there would huge amount of investment in 2012-13,” Ahluwalia added.


During the meeting Commission appreciated state’s inclusive approach and pointed out that percentage population living below poverty line in the State has come down appreciably from 38.2 per cent in 2004-05 to 24.5 in 2009-10.

According to Tendulkar methodology 13.7 per cent population has moved above poverty line where as the improvement on All-India is 7.4 per cent only.

Commission appreciated state’s performance in managing malnutrition and pointed out that in five years it has brought down malnutrition from 56.1 per cent to 15.5 per cent.

Attention was drawn to problems in education sector especially number of children out of school and literacy gap in some areas.

On infrastructure sector,he said total requirement for civil aviation projects in state in the Twelfth Plan would be to the tune of Rs 15,395 crore and asked the Centre to provide at least 50 per cent share as special grants.

He urged the Commission to create a separate line of funding for mega cities and asked for 90 per cent of their funding from the Centre.

Denying the allegations that the funds allocated for irrigation was not utlised in proper manner,the Chief Minister said,”It is not true. Entire reports are with Planning Commission. There are no issues. Fund have been used completely.”

“There are certain complaints regarding certain funds,not given under AIBP (Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme . In previous year (2010-11),we got (approval for) about Rs 2,000 crore (under AIBP scheme). But we got about Rs 700-800 crore less than that,” he added.