Madonna Don’t Preach

Madonna Don’t Preach

The singer throws a pity-party for all her fans of the past and present




Rs 366 ; rating: **1/2

What happened to that teenage girl from the ’80s who used to listen to Madonna’s Papa don’t preach? She grew up — grew out of those rhinestone-studded denim jackets and fishnet tights,got a job,fell in love,broke her heart,had kids and got divorced. Madonna’s 12th studio album MDNA,is essentially an epiphany — about her life,her divorce,her motherhood,her work and her creativity — all thrown in a blender resulting in a modern but slightly off-balanced smoothie that tastes spunky and edgy,but slightly bitter. The title MDNA,says the singer,is a triple entendre — either as a short-form for her name,or as “Madonna DNA”,or as a reference to the drug MDMA (or ecstasy,as it is popularly known).

The album begins with her single Girl gone wild,a peppy,upbeat,Britney Spear-esque number,where the singer talks about getting “Fired up like a smokin’ gun/ On the floor till the daylight comes”. The next track Gang bang is a electronic/disco-type number with strong beats and pulsating rhythms. The only downer are the lyrics,which are as mundane and unimaginative as “Like a b**** out of order/ Like a bat out of hell/ Like a fish out of water/ I’m scared,can’t you tell/ Bang bang”.

I’m addicted has that ’80s charm,with the techno-beats,electronic synthesiser and lyrics to match –— which can be a perfect accompaniment to a slumber party. Turn up the radio is one of the better numbers in a very “pop” way even with its rather preachy lyrics.


Give me all your lovin’ is Madonna’s other single from the album,featuring guest vocals from Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. A clear club number,it doesn’t do much for the thoughtful listener. Some girls and Superstar are just average,with maudlin lyrics and loud clangy beats which tempt the listener to rip the headphones off his/her ears. I don’t give a is a peppy number,with brutally honest lyrics like “Wake up,ex-wife/ This is your life/ Children,on your own/ Turning on the telephone,” which detail her infamous divorce from director Guy Richie.

MDNA is a personal account of Madonna’s life and break-up,mixed with Britney-meets-Christina-type beats and Cindy Lauper-esque lyrics. Listen to it,only if you are going through the same turmoil,or when you’re having a pity-party.