Love and War

The tenth anniversary edition of Gladiator is a keeper.

Written by Shubhra Gupta | Published: August 28, 2010 4:36:26 am

The tenth anniversary edition of Gladiator is a keeper. Ridley Scott’s film on Roman life and times through the eyes of a general fallen on bad times is a great entertainer. It keeps that dictum firmly in mind,while giving us production design which is astounding,and actors who look poured into their part,except that when in Rome,all Romans sound like Brits and Yanks.

Still,Gladiator has battle scenes which manage to look authentic despite the computer-generatedness of them,because the action directors know their job. It also gives us Russell Crowe in his most magnificent performance: he is the man the emperor trusts over his own son. Jealousy,ambition and a thirst for power make the son blind and brutal,and into that situation is thrust the unwilling general-turned- gladiator. He is forced to fight for his life,the sight of his slaughtered family never leaving him. Scott has a terrific ability to go wide,and go intimate,all at the same time,just what you need for a film of this scale.

This one is also a double disc. The extra features section has a nice exchange between Scott and Crowe. And a detailed behind-the-scenes sketch of how a film like this,shot in four countries,over a period of 16 months,got put together. Epic.

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