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Lethal Charm

America’s favourite serial killer Dexter Morgan strikes India.

America’s favourite serial killer Dexter Morgan strikes India.

While the serial killer with a heart of gold,Dexter Morgan,was busy showing off his antics on one of the most popular American television shows,Dexter,Indians were waiting patiently for him to strike here. The more impatient ones — there is quite a large number of those — of course toiled through the night,downloading its latest episodes.

However,the wait has ended with Star World airing the crime drama. In what could be seen as an indication of the show’s popularity,the channel intends to show all the five seasons of Dexter —the fifth season ended in last November — at one go. “Dexter is a very intriguing show. We at Star wanted to give our Indian audience a prime time viewership for Dexter and hence waited for the right time to launch it,” says Saurabh Yagnik,senior V-P and GM,Star India’s English cluster of programmes. He also admits to have given in to the increasing demand from Indian audiences,who have a huge appetite for crime-based shows,to telecast the series. The channel,however,might air a censored version of the series in India,editing out the violent portions.

With all the five seasons being shown continuously in India,there is a good chance that the audience will fully catch up with the story so far. “It is to do with Star’s new policy where we are trying to get rid of the backlog by showing seasons of most shows continuously,” says Yagnik. In the recent months,they have ensured that their viewers are as updated about Castle,Lie To me,How I Met Your Mother and Bones as their western counterparts.


With crime fiction shows garnering high TRPs for the channel in India,Dexter,a Golden Globe winner,was an obvious choice for the prime time slot. This is the story of Dexter Morgan,a Miami forensics blood spatter analyst by day and a murderer by night,but with a difference. The serial-killer’s only aim is to make this world a better place to live — one homicide at a time. Rapists,perverts,serial killers,don’t stand a chance in front of this killing machine. Despite all the gore,social media consultant,Arjun Burgula,feels the serial has more than a fair chance of doing well. “There are two things that are plenty in India — people and criminals. And Dexter deals with both,” he says. Agrees Avinash Pinto,a commercial pilot who has already downloaded and watched all the five seasons. “The end justifies the means. We empathise with Dexter’s drive to kill for the good of society,” he says.

The series is dark but gripping. But people have their own reasons for liking it. Writer Durga Gholkar admires Dexter’s strange mannerisms. “There’s a lot of method to his madness. That can be seen in the way he traps his prey and delivers his vigilante justice,” she says. However,Chirag Tripathi,a medical student,is not so sure of its success in India. “We all know Dexter is not a bad guy,but his bad nature is dominant over the good. This is something we may not be able to relate to,” says Tripathi.

Yagnik,however,would like to put such concerns to rest and trust Indians’ experimental nature. “We have always received a huge response for all kinds of crime-based shows. Dexter raises a question in everyone’s mind; and viewers enjoy shows like these.”