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Kataria ideal man,Sohrabuddin had to die: RSS-affiliated outfit

It accuses Sohrabuddin of extorting money from marble traders in Rajasthan.

An article in a weekly feature service of Vishwa Samvad Kendra Bhopal,an RSS-affiliated organisation,has described Sohrabuddin Sheikh as a terrorist,and defends Rajasthan’s Leader of Opposition Gulab Chand Kataria.

“Sohrabuddin had to die one day like this. Had the police not eliminated him,a common man in the mould of a Mahatma or a Dharmatma would have been forced to shoot him dead,” begins the article titled ‘Sohrabuddin was not a saint’ in the latest issue of Samvad Manthan. The piece written ahead of the likely arrest of Kataria for his alleged role in eliminating Sohrabuddin,describes the BJP leader as an ideal man and an exemplar of morality in politics. It says Sohrabuddin was a terrorist who faced 56 criminal cases and was conspiring to kill Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. It says Congress leaders’ assertion that criminals have no religion is a ruse to lessen the crimes of Muslims. It says Sohrabuddin’s sins should be made public before nabbing an “innocent,unblemished and untainted” person like Kataria.

“An attempt has been made to make everyone believe that Sohrabuddin was a common man. For Congress leaders he was an ordinary thief,” the piece says before describing the encounter as a joint operation between Gujarat and Rajasthan police.

It accuses Sohrabuddin of extorting money from marble traders in Rajasthan and Gujarat and describes how he,as a truck driver,came in contact with two drivers working for Dawood Ibrahim. It claims two SIM cards from Karachi were found on Sohrabuddin,proving that he was in touch with Dawood and Lashkar-e-Toiba,and was also involved in several acts of terror,including the 1998 blast in Coimbatore.