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Sepultura are back with their latest offering Kairos,which is quite different from their original death/speed/thrash metal sound of the 90s.

Written by Rohan Swamy | Published: September 17, 2011 2:19:15 am



Nuclear Blast

Rating: ***

Sepultura are back with their latest offering Kairos,which is quite different from their original death/speed/thrash metal sound of the 90s. This album comes after a hiatus of two years since A-Lex was released. Gone are the machine-gun drum beats of Igor Cavalera and the grungy vocals of his brother Max. But the lineup,with an impressive new style and range of music,will not leave the metal heads of the old world disappointed.

Their older albums like Chaos A.D and Roots echo through this Brazilian band’s twelfth studio album. For instance,No One Will Stand not only has the old Sepultura touch but also has marked influences of American thrash metal band Slayer from their Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits days. In the title track,Derrick Green’s vocals hold their own and showcase the good old Sepultura sound.

In Structure Violence the vocals are more representative of a rap metal style,but with slower and more psychedelic beats. Here is a reminder of the band’s influences,with the song sounding a lot like Black Sabbath’s Supernaut,although it comes with some modern guitaring and drumming. Not to mention the hints of Spanish vocals thrown in for good measure.

Songs like Seethe,1433,5772 and 4648 feature the standard elements of a thrash metal song,with fast guitar riffs,electronic beats and drumming. Memories of Max Cavalera from the 90s linger on,as far as the vocals go,but that doesn’t mean that Green doesn’t bring in his own refined style. Born Strong opens with strong drumming and bass guitaring by the original founding member of the band Paulo Xisto. Mask is again reminiscent of the heavy metal bands from the early Eighties,when the genre itself was going through a reform of sorts with styles like gore,death and thrash metal finding underground popularity. Nostalgia will arise in anyone who grew up in the Eighties listening to Judas Priest,Slayer,Kreator and the like.

The songs in this album have the funk metal sound that the band moved towards from its A-Lex days. Not exactly the stuff Sepultura fans are used to,but not bad either. Kairos is a trip back in time,to pure unadulterated thrash and speed metal. Even though the sound is distinctly different with more groovy riffs replacing the early fast pace of the Cavalera brothers,it is still good. A definite buy for a Sepultura fan,or for someone who grew up on the old heavy metal sounds.

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