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Monday, July 16, 2018

JPC draft report Cong move to save its leaders,says BJP

Equating the draft JPC report on the 2G spectrum allocation issue with the JPC report on Bofors,the BJP on Friday described it as a “Congress document” to “save” its leaders.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 20, 2013 2:01:59 am

Equating the draft JPC report on the 2G spectrum allocation issue with the JPC report on Bofors,the BJP on Friday described it as a “Congress document” to “save” its leaders. The main opposition party said that the report has not objectively scrutinised the alleged spectrum allocation scam and tried to subvert the truth.

The BJP indicated that if the report failed on its parameters of arriving at the truth,its members may give dissent note to the report. “The draft report looks like a Congress document,and not a JPC report,in which there is an overpowering desire to save its leaders,including the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister,in the 2G scam and is yet to objectively consider the wider ramification of this massive scam which shamed the country,” BJP deputy leader in Rajya Sabha Ravi Shankar Prasad said,reacting to the reported contents of the draft JPC report.

Since the draft report is yet to be formally adopted by the JPC in its meeting slated next week,the BJP is likely to firm up what stance it will take in the JPC after consultation within the party as well as with its NDA allies.

Endorsing Prasad’s reaction,senior BJP leader and JPC member Yashwant Sinha told The Indian Express from his constituency that the party would discuss the issue soon,most likely on April 22,to decide its next course of action.

“We have strong objections over it and we shall convey our serious objection,firmly and forcefully in the formal JPC meeting which is scheduled for April 25,” Prasad said,indicating that the BJP may be forced to give dissent notes. “As a JPC member,I cannot discuss the contents but there is no doubt we will go to every extent in our quest for truth and if that required a dissent note,we will not hesitate.”

Speaking to reporters in Bangalore,Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley sought to draw parallels between this report and the JPC report on the Bofors scam and feared the latest report was set to meet the same fate as the one on the Bofors scam. “If the JPC finds that they were innocent,all I can tell you is this JPC report will meet the same fate as the Bofors JPC. Its credibility will probably be worse than earlier JPCs,” Jaitley said,lamenting that it was another case where “history repeats itself once as a tragedy and again as a farce”.

“This is the second time in history that the Congress and UPA neck deep in corruption had subverted the truth using the JPC mechanism,” he said.

“Nobody in the world believed in what the Bofors JPC had said. That JPC report went into the dustbin of history. It is a scar on India’s parliamentary democracy,” Jaitley said.

Prasad said it was “a gross breach of Parliamentary propriety” that the draft report reached the media before it reached the JPC members and pointed out that it was yet to be adopted as the draft is “debated,discussed,amendments are moved in the formal meeting”. Jaitley hoped that “those who gave the draft report to the media before they gave it to the JPC members will be seriously hauled up for their breach of privilege” of Parliament.

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