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Monday, July 16, 2018

Jotting it Down

Google Keep brings simplicity to a complex note-taking apps market.

Written by Pranay Parab | New Delhi | Published: April 7, 2013 3:17:25 am

Google Keep brings simplicity to a complex note-taking apps market.

Google has been in the news recently for shutting down popular services such as Google Reader and Snapseed. Following that announcement,Google launched Keep,an application for notes and returned to this category after four years — it had shut down Notebook in 2009. Anything Google does becomes big news and it was no surprise that many users tried out Keep. Let’s take a look at Google’s newest offering and the best note-taking apps in the market.

Google Keep



Google’s approach to note-taking is simple There’s just one box for your note at the beginning,which may make users think that the page hasn’t loaded. As soon as you’re done typing a note,it appears in the empty space below the box. Keep lets you choose the colour of your sticky and attach pictures to your notes. You can also create lists,to remember the groceries you need or to note a recipe.

If you’re a prolific user,this app may seem too basic for your needs,but most users will be happy with what Keep offers. Too many note apps have become heavy and complicated. Simplicity,however,is not an excuse for omitting necessary features.

Google Keep does not have tags or any way to organise your notes. They simply stack up by date and Google expects you to use the search bar at the top to look for your notes. While it works well,it would have been better if you could stack notes by colour or group multiple notes.

The Android app is available for version 4.0 and above and the Web version is accessible at


Windows,Mac,Android,iOS,Windows Phone,BlackBerry,Web Free (60 MB per month),Rs 2,500 per year (1 GB every month)

It’s the most popular note-taking application in the market. Evernote is available on almost all platforms and the free version is more than enough for most users.

Evernote works on a simple concept: it can remember everything. Users can add photos,audio,lists,to notes and add tags,which make searching easy. One of the best features is the notebook that allows users to group notes. You can keep all your shopping lists in one notebook,recipes in another and reminders in a third.

Evernote also has the transcribing feature,so you can speak your notes while the app handles the transcription. Another interesting feature is that you can use Evernote Clearly to save articles or web pages for reading them offline. It saves them to your Evernote account and you can access them on any device.

Suppose you have several handwritten notes and you want to convert them to a digital document,Evernote has a built-in feature that lets you do this. Take a picture of the handwritten note and upload it to Evernote. The app can pick out text in any picture and convert it to a searchable,editable format.

The only problem with Evernote is that it is a little heavy. Older phones might slow down while using it.

Honorable mentions



Free (with ads) or Rs 1,000 per year

Simplenote is an app known for its super-fast synchronisation. Start typing a note on your phone and sign in to Simplenote on the Web. You’ll see that your note appears on the Web server almost as soon as you finish typing it. If writing is your primary interest,Simplenote is what you need.

OneNote 2013

Web,iOS,Android,Windows Phone

Free (through SkyDrive); Rs 3,500 for standalone app

OneNote is an unknown tool in the Microsoft Office 2013 family. It has advanced formatting options and is great for typing long documents. Integration with other Microsoft apps is pretty good,making it ideal for Windows users.


Tunable Android,iOS

Finding it difficult to hit the perfect pitch on your favourite song? Tunable is an app for musicians that provides a live graph to show how close the music is to that perfect pitch. This helps musicians tune instruments and master tough riffs.

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