It is a battle of two ideas of India: Modi

It is a battle of two ideas of India: Modi

Narendra Modi attacks Rahul Gandhi again.

Addressing a rally in Delhi on Saturday,BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi sought to pitch his attacks on Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi as a contest between their two separate ideas for India.

“Congress’s shehzada says that there are two thoughts in India. Shehzade,I tend to agree with you on this count. Unfortunately,you have not outlined which are those two thoughts,” Modi said in an apparent attempt to contrast his ideas with that of Rahul Gandhi’s for a future of India.

“Your idea of India is that of a beehive,while in my idea India is like a mother,” BJP’s prime ministerial candidate said referring to a remark made by Rahul earlier this year at a CII function.

“In your idea,money does not grow on trees,but in our idea money is grown by farmers in their fields,” Modi said.

“It is a battel of two ideas: Yours dynastic,ours nationalistic,” Modi said. Modi said that Congress was reluctant to engage him on these ideas and was trying to skirt these issues for its electoral convenience.

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