India will compete with US and China: Intertek

Indian market in terms of food quality certification is relatively small at present,but,in next five years will take a global place.

Written by Ashok Kumar( | New Delhi | Published: February 19, 2010 7:00:21 pm

Dr. Jochen P. Zoller is the President of the Global Food Service division,Intertek. Intertek provides testing,inspection and certification of products,and a range of other services,operating a global network of laboratories and offices with over 22,000 people in more than 100 countries. In a short talk,Zoller tells Ashok Kumar more about plans of Intertek for India.

How big is the Indian market in terms of food quality certification?

It is relatively small at present,but,in the next five years India will take a global place competing with US,Chinese and European markets.

How do the food brands gain mileage with the certification?

Certification has two distinct advantages. Firstly,it facilitates the trade beyond the local markets to sell products. Secondly,it helps the company to develop the right understanding. To sum it up,it is the end to the process of ascertaining quality.

Does the certification scheme for food quality,vary from country to country?

Standards are all the same. From the point of implementation,variations may occur from the basic levels to the upgraded levels.

Tell us the fundamentals adhered by you while certifying a food brand?

Classical food safety is the fundamental idea,followed by quality of the food,company quality (in terms of environmental responsibility) and last but not the least,the health and safety standards.

Tell us about your some being clients,in India?

Nestle,Coke and Walmart are illustrious among the major clients we handle in India.

Worldwide,our customers include leading brands such as Shell,Canon,McDonalds,BP,IKEA,Nike,ExxonMobil,LG,GAP Inc,Valero,Ericsson,Wal-Mart,ChevronTexaco,The Home Depot Inc,Marks & Spencer and Levi Strauss.

More than twenty governments including Bangladesh,Ecuador,and Saudi Arabia are Intertek customers.

What sort of competition do you see for Intertek in the Indian market?

Nobody is offering the whole range. We have global competitors already present in the country.

How does Intertek distinguish itself from the rest?

Intertek is a global service provider. Our main mission is facilitating global trade. Every year 10,000 new food products come to India. Looking at the growing market,we stepped in India,two years back.

You are not yet accredited by the Quality Council of India (QCI),a Govt body which has been assigned the task of monitoring and administering the National Quality Campaign. By when do you expect to get the accreditation and how important is the QCI accreditation for you to operate in India?

We are in the process of getting the QCI accreditation. Nevertheless,we have a global accreditation. But,some markets require local accreditations,as well. We are operating under global accreditation in almost 110 countries.

Which sub- vertical of the food sector,you think would use your services the most in India?

We are focusing in the Indian specifics like dairy products,honey and sea foods.

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