In tight spot,UK puts aircraft carrier for sale on eBay

In tight spot,UK puts aircraft carrier for sale on eBay

Odd News: UK MOD has distress sale to plug £36 billion hole in its budget; helicopters,other defence items,also available.

Cash strapped Britain is putting an aircraft carrier,warships,helicopters as well as battle fortified Land Rovers on the market for a song.

Under an almost distress sale to plug a gaping £36 billion hole in the Ministry of Defence’s budget,the price of the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal built at a cost of £200 million has dipped to a ridiculous level of £3.5 million on eBay.

Also on offer at almost throwaway prices are Type 22 frigates costing £400 million,destroyers at just £1 million,the Daily Mail reported quoting senior officials. It’s not only the naval weaponry that is up for grabs,but also the 13 gazelle helicopters which cost almost £5 million to build apiece are being sold at just £100,000.

For car lovers,the armoured version of Jaguars are going for just £12,000 (actual price: £200,000). Land Rovers are available for just £2,000 as opposed to their retail price of £65,000. SAS smock combat jackets which costs £350 each have been put on the market for just £35.


“The MoD is so desperate to balance the books that they are selling everything imaginable” a prominent lawmaker Patrick Mercer has said,likening the sail to “selling the family silver”. “These goods have cost us millions and now they are being sold for peanuts,” he said terming the distress sale as “not write”.

Senior military officers are said to be furious at the sell-offs,which they claim are giving away quality equipment while the forces need everything they can get.

The Guardian reported that spy gear,including luxury watches,were up for sale. Items for sale on the Defence Equipment & Sales website include a ladies Crystal Dior watch “set with 48 diamonds 0.24 carat,black lacquered dial,black rubber strap set with black sapphire crystal”,worth £4,000,and a men’s Maurice Lacroix three-dial chronograph watch with “Sapphire crystal scratch resistant glass,white square dial with luminous hands”,worth around £5,000,The Guardian reported.

The watches are likely to have been bought for SAS and defence intelligence operatives working in overseas embassies to help them blend in at events attended by dignitaries and diplomats,The Guardian said. Besides watches,other items including ships’ mattresses,a portable dentist’s chair and impervious membrane for foot-and-mouth protection are also available at throw-away prices.