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Sunday, July 22, 2018

‘If surveys are correct,I’ll quit politics for good’

"I have to admit that the transition to active politics has not been very easy. We have always been about a movement".

Published: September 8, 2013 3:26:48 am

AAP has its roots in the campaign for a Lokpal Bill,where politicians were derided. How have people accepted you in active politics?

I have to admit that the transition to active politics has not been very easy. We have always been about a movement. But our methods or strategies have not changed. We are new to politics but what has helped us is that the dirt and corruption in politics have reached such a level that people have accepted AAP as not just a viable but the only alternative to the Congress and BJP in Delhi. The people are ready to be part of the process to change the entrenched political system.

AAP purports to be different from mainstream political parties. But isn’t the party built around Arvind Kejriwal?

Personalities and leadership are important,but in AAP,it is about the decision-making process. I cannot make snap decisions to suit my own needs. Every significant decision is taken through consensus. At best,I can make suggestions.

The Congress and BJP are courting the Poorvanchali electorate. Has AAP made caste-based calculations?

As of now,caste has never been a part of the equation or a problem in our decision-making process. We promise a systemic change and to do that,we have to rid ourselves of such old-world ideas. Moreover,corruption is an issue that affects all sections of society. That said,I believe caste will not play an important role in this particular election.

Does the party have a plan for governance as well?

We have constituted a 32-member panel anchored by Yogendra Yadav to do just that. This policy panel discusses issues that need to be addressed and how to go about it. The panel includes a range of people from diverse backgrounds.

Are you the CM candidate for AAP?

We are not fighting this election to prop up a CM. Earlier,I had requested Kiran Bedi to contest on an AAP ticket and become our CM candidate. No clear decision has been taken yet and the PAC will decide when it is time.

Is Anna Hazare involved with AAP?

We do still speak regularly. But he has made it clear he will not be involved in active politics.

Recent surveys show AAP winning a few seats.

(Laughs) These polls and surveys are a joke and are all fixed. I would like to issue an open challenge to those who conducted the surveys to sit with us and analyse the findings. If they are true,I will quit politics for good. If not,these people should get out of the survey business.

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