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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hit and Run

An agency assassin hunts an agency assassin

Written by Shantanu David | Published: May 18, 2013 3:34:28 am

Everyone’s favourite government assassin is back. And this time he’s sanctioned to go after one of his own. The Hit is David Baldacci’s second outing with CIA assassin Will Robie and set barely a year after the events of The Innocent. Robie is still the ruthlessly efficient killing machine he was in the previous novel,though his edge is seemingly softened,given that he had to shoot down the woman he loved. This softness apparently manifests itself when Robie refuses to pull the trigger on an Agency target,believing it to be the wrong thing to do. Now however he has been asked to “track down” another agency assassin. Jessica Reel is the other side of the coin from Robie,highly skilled,implacable and completely patriotic. Or at least she was. After she guns down her own handler instead of the Middle Eastern political leader she was supposed to,Reel goes undercover with her own hitlist,comprising mostly of Agency employees. As the body count grows,the organisation calls in Robie to ebb the slaughter and figure out Reels’s motives,before delivering her head to his boss.

As is usual for a Baldacci novel,The Hit is steeped in trade craft like a fine Earl Grey,with a lot more adrenaline. Though the plot follows somewhat jaded lines,it’s the author’s characters that really make the book a page-turner. Sure,Robie and Reel are trained super soldier spies,able to kill people in more ways than a congressional committee can twist a resolution,but they are also human. Baldacci underlines this throughout the book,apart from his usual disdain for policy makers,and his almost fan-boy worship of US soldiers and agents. We hope to see more of Robie,and soon. And considering Baldacci’s prolific career,we’re pretty sure we will.

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