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Held in Pune,2 Rohingya men under terror scanner

Police believe that the duo had gone to Sharjah looking for jobs.

In the wake of an alleged Indian Mujahideen (IM) plan to “recruit” Rohingya Muslims for “jehadi” activities,officials of a central agency on Wednesday collected details of the two arrested Myanmar nationals who not only entered India illegally,but also managed to get a fake passport and travel to Sharjah from Pune on September 21.

The immigration branch at the airport had failed to identify their fake passports. However,the two suspects,both Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar,were caught by the authorities at Sharjah and sent back to Pune,after which they were arrested by the police on September 24.

Their names on fake passports were Ansari Mehboob Alam (24) from Bihar and Gazi Najbul Hasan (23) from Andhra Pradesh.

The two allegedly came to India by crossing the porous Bangladesh border. They stayed at Deoband in UP and procured fake passports.


Police believe that the duo had gone to Sharjah looking for jobs.

While no terror links have been established so far,search has been intensified for the fake passport racketeers who may be linked to terror operatives.

Sources said,interrogation of top IM operative Yasin Bhatkal had revealed that the terror outfit has allegedly developed strong links with al-Qaeda and is now taking up “international tasks”. Sources said besides recruiting youths from India,the IM is also eyeing the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Yasin’s interrogation also suggests that IM is now more inclined towards al-Qaeda than Pakistan’s ISI. It was allegedly revealed that due to influence of al-Qaeda leaders,the IM has plans to send the new recruits for training to Afghanistan via Iran and other middle-east countries,and not via Pakistan.