Lady Gaga tries to create music that is like bitter jelly. Beyonce’s next could be her craziest best. U2 come out with their thirteenth in summer. Our 11 picks for 2011.

If she keeps out of rehab,troubled diva Amy Winehouse will be releasing her album sometime in January. It will be an encore of her 2009 neo-retro jukebox collections.

Inspired by Ladytron and The Dead Weather,Australia’s famous electropop feminist twin sisters The Veronicas will be releasing their album in the first half of 2011. Some singles like Heart like a boat are already making waves online.

April will see stranger couture outfits and the new album by Lady Gaga,Born This Way. The ambitious electropop-soul queen has reportedly called the upcoming album “the anthem for our generation”,something made of “bitter jelly”. Delicious.

U2 will be coming up with their thirteenth album,tentatively titled Songs of Ascent,sometime in summer. New songs such as Mercy,Every breaking wave and Boys fall from the sky will most likely be part of the final track list.


Indie pop duo Ting Tings made it big in 2008 with their funky That’s not my name,and their new single,Hands,has already soared on the UK charts. It will be the lead in their next album,due early 2011.

Summer will have a peppery beat,with Red Hot Chili Peppers coming out with their tenth studio album. The yet to be named collection will have a bit of piano and new sounds,credited to the influence of their new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.

Whattaya want from Adam Lambert,but a new album in 2011? Currently under production,the next album is hyped to go platinum after his success with For Your Entertainment,which has sold over 660,000 copies worldwide.

The co-creator of grunge,Foo Fighters already have 15 tracks ready for their seventh biggie. They are wrapping up the production of the album,which is due in summer. Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic will also be working with the band.

Nelly Furtado is half way into her next album,which will include collaborations with Lady Gaga and James Morrison. Post-Timbaland,this album,titled Lifestyle,will see Furtado return to her indie-folk roots.

Coldplay will get more intimate and acoustic in their fifth studio album,which will finally release in the spring. The single Wedding bells,performed at the latest Apple conference,is already popular with the fans for its experimental rock notes.

2011 will finally see Beyonce as herself. She claims to have done away with her aggressive alter ego Sasha Fierce for now. The yet to be named album,where she works with Sean Garrett,is touted to be Beyonce’s craziest best.