Growing Pain

Growing Pain

The album begins with the track In a world like this,a trademark number from Backstreet Boys.

Album: In a World Like This

Band: Backstreet Boys

Music: K-BAHN,BMG Rights Management

price: Rs 607 (

rating: **1/2

People who grew up in the ’90s cannot have escaped the fan-frenzy that surrounded the then-cult boy band Backstreet Boys. 20 years later,the reunited band no longer refers to themselves as a boy band. Instead,they are a “vocal harmony group” whose eighth studio album In a World Like This has recently released. It marks the return of their oldest band member Kevin Richardson,who quit in 2006 to focus on his family and pursue other interests. It will also be their first independent album after they left their old label Jive Records in 2010.

The album begins with the track In a world like this,a trademark number from Backstreet Boys. The lyrics,“In a world like this where some back down; I know we’re gonna make it”,sound like a shadowy version of their earlier hit track,I want it that way. The next number Permanent stain is an all-out pop number with super-cheesy lyrics: “You left a permanent stain on my heart,you’re never leaving it.” While Breathe is a slow

number,Madeline is a wannabe-country-but-will-settle-for-generic-acoustic track.

Show ‘em (what you’re made of) lifts the album up immensely with strong beats and yelping chorus riffs. Make believe is an upbeat number,where the band croons of hope,dreams and their beliefs. Try has an Eric Clapton-esqe feel to it,that surprisingly enough,the band manages to pull off. The soft plucking of the guitar in the background,the staccato beats and smooth vocals have made it one of our favourite numbers in the album. The next number,Trust me,is a silken,honeyed track. Love somebody is average,with booming,and often distracting,drum beats; One phone call takes inspiration from the odd prison metaphor. Feels like home is a very “manband” kind of number,playing to their strength.

Like all things in life,mush too comes with a sell-by date. You grow old,you grow up. Unfortunately,Backstreet Boys has never quite realised it. The result is an album in which the music is not half as exciting as their previous ones. Fans looking forward to the album will definitely be disappointed.