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Going the Distance

Going The Distance lacks in finesse and abounds in explicit sexuality and profane language.

A six-week romantic fling in New York between Erin,a journalism student,and Garrett,a junior executive at a record company,has the inevitable consequences when Erin must return to San Francisco to pursue her studies: They are both shocked to find that they have fallen in love. The long-distance relationship takes its toll. Garrett’s friends joke about his pre-flight calorie-cutting and his full-time relationship with his cellphone. They don’t like losing their best drinking buddy to yet another rocky romance. At the same time,Erin’s high-strung,overprotective married sister,Corrine,wants to keep Erin from heading down an all-too-familiar road. But despite the opposite coasts and the discouraging friends and family and a few unexpected temptations,the couple just might have found something like love,and with the help of a lot of texting and late-night ‘phone calls. Neither one can find full-time employment in the other’s city.

It’s hard to imagine any romantic comedy going wrong in so many different ways. Drew Barrymore,a fine actress,and Nanette Burstein,an above-average filmmaker,must have ambivalent feelings about this awkward and frequently irritating film. Geoff LaTulippe’s debut screenplay flips traditional rom-com conventions as it tells the story of lovers trying to make their budding affair work from opposite coasts. All the conflicts and characters in the film are contrived: the forced awkwardness Garrett experiences when meeting Erin’s family; her sister’s extreme dislike of Garrett; his phony jealousy over Erin’s handsome co-worker; and his two best friends you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long must be credited for raising the bar on the script with their exacting performances – sometimes cute and funny,sometimes intense.

Going The Distance lacks in finesse and abounds in explicit sexuality and profane language. It is a huge disappointment.

RATING: One for Drew Barrymore and Justin Long’s performances. One for direction and editing.